In “Elden Ring”, Where Can I Find The Meteorite Staff?

The “Elden Ring” Meteorite Staff is one of the best magic weapons you can employ in the middle of the game. It boasts the best Intelligence scaling of any early-game staff, and it even gives Gravity-based spells a passive benefit. You won’t be able to upgrade the crew, so you’ll soon outgrow it. However, when combined with a strong Gravity spell early in the game, it becomes vital. To get it, you’ll have to overcome Caelid’s perils. It is possible, though, to sneak in and steal the staff without encountering any adversaries.

In Elden Ring, where can you receive the Meteorite Staff?

The Meteorite Staff hangs from a tower window in the Street of Sages, on the outskirts of the Swamp of Aeonia, on a corpse. The fastest method to get here is to use the trap in Limgrave’s Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Deal with the rats in the chamber down the steps on the northern border of the ruins, near where the opponents are mumbling dragon chants. Because the rats can easily overpower you in close-range combat, using magic is an excellent strategy.

At the end of the chamber, open the chest and stand in the smoke. It’s a trap that sends you to Caelid’s Sellia Crystal Tunnels, a perilous region from which you won’t be able to escape unless you rest at another Site of Grace. Wait for the centipede soldier to pass, then turn right and continue the tunnel until you reach a point where you can turn left. As the centipede warriors behind you fire lethal missiles that can kill you in two hits, dodge as much as you can while sprinting.

At the Martyr’s Effigy, turn right, activate the Site of Grace, and rest. Ride southwest over the marsh after exiting the tunnels and calling Torrent.

You’ll ultimately come to the ruins of the Street of Sages. Continue walking until you get to a set of stone steps. The structure you’re looking for is located at the top of the steps. There are several Scarlet Rot plants in the room with the body. You have the option of defeating them or dismounting Torrent and walking along the edge to retrieve the staff. To use it efficiently, you’ll need 18 Intelligence.

Meteorite Staff stats


Phys: 39
Magic: 0
Fire: 0
Lightning: 0
Holy: 0
Critical: 0
Sorcery: 60


Physical: 28
Magic: 17
Fire: 17
Lightning: 17
Holy: 17
Boost: 17


Intelligence: S
Strength: D

Elden Ring’s Rock Sling Gravity spell placement

Return to Torrent and continue north until you reach a big archway. There’s a stairway in the middle of the area if you turn left there. Avoid the centipede wizards, descend the steps, and look inside the chest for Rock Sling.

Rock Sling is a powerful Gravity spell that throws three rocks at your opponents. It’s a little shaky at close range, but it also deals physical damage, which makes it useful against most enemy kinds. This spell, like the Meteorite Staff, requires 18 Intelligence to cast. Gravity spells are also powerful against most bosses, so keep this one in mind when fighting Margit and Godrick.