In “Elden Ring”, Are You Stuck On Margit Or Godrick? Follow These 7 Steps To Overcome Them

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble defeating Margit in “Elden Ring” or getting stuck on Godrick the Grafted. Even by FromSoftware standards, “Elden Ring’s” first boss fights are very challenging, and they serve as a preview of what to anticipate if you get stuck on following monsters. The answer isn’t as simple as adding additional Runes to your Tarnished. You’ll have a greater chance in both bouts if you’re ready to put in some effort and invest in some new strategies.

1. Attempt to poison or bleed.

Margit and Godrick are sensitive to bleed and poison, among other status effects. If you’ve battled Bloody Finger Nerijus near Murkwater, you can use the Reduvia Dagger to increase the blood loss meter. The blood loss meter, which is invisible unless you’re bleeding, fills up after five strikes or so before delivering severe damage, so it’s not something you’ll notice right away.

Poison has the potential to be more powerful. Deserter’s Cookbook 2 may be found among the Dragon-Burnt Ruins’ wrecked dwellings. Poisonbone Arrows are one of the recipes in the book. Of course, you’ll need a bow or crossbow, as well as animal bones and Poisonbloom. Poisonbloom may be obtained from the flower opponents in Limgrave’s Waypoint Ruins, and you should be able to make a couple Poisonbone Arrows with it.

Margit’s agility allows him to swiftly close the gap between you and you, making ranged strikes difficult. If you manage to land a few hits, Poison will begin to take affect. The Teardrop Scarab at the Castle Morne Ramparts may give Faith characters the Poison Mist spell, albeit you have less control over it than you have with the arrows.

2. Don’t forget to utilize your summoning.

Both encounters are best fought with the Wolves or Jellyfish summons, which you should summon as soon as you pass past the fog barrier. The Wolves are more practical because they damage Super Armor and allow you to land more critical hits. The Jellyfish is somewhat of a soft shield with a lot of HP that Margit or Godrick may assault while you’re attacking them.

3. Make your weapons more powerful.

We can’t stress how important this suggestion is. In most of Elden Ring‘s” challenging bouts, weapon level is far more important than character level. If you have a primary weapon, be sure to improve it multiple times. If you’re fighting Margit with a standard weapon, it should be at least +3, but higher would be ideal if you’re trapped. Smithing Stones may be found in mines or as opponent drops, and there are enough in Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula to get you to a level where you can deal with Margit.

Make sure you’re employing a powerful weapon that’s appropriate for your fighting emphasis. For sorcery users, the Meteorite Staff is great, and we offer a set of formidable weapons that everyone else can earn early in the game.

4. Don’t forget to bring your buffs.

The Flask of Wondrous Physik gives you some Endurance and powerful attack boosts, which are useful for blocking and doing more damage, but you should already have a couple excellent Ashes of War. Determination, Storm Stomp, and Square Off are fantastic choices for this battle because they increase your strength and power up your strikes while active.

If you have at least 10 Faith points, Corthyn in Roundtable Hold may be able to sell you the Flame Fortification Incantation. This increases your fire defense, which might help you win the battle against Godrick.

5. Make sure your pockets are empty.

“Elden Ring”, like previous Souls games, has an equipment weight system that makes choose which items to carry more difficult. It only affects armor and weapons that are equipped, although it may have a considerable impact on your mobility. You want to be carrying a medium weight so you can dodge and move more rapidly. If you’re using a heavy weapon and armor, be sure you haven’t reached the “Heavy load” setting, which slows you down to the point where it’s practically hard to evade strikes efficiently.

6. The Glintstones are here to meet you.

Those who have invested in Intelligence should pick up a decent staff and visit Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins to acquire these Glintstone spells:

  • Three Glintstone missiles are fired by Glintstone Stars.
  • Glintstone melee attack by Carian Slicer
  • Swift Glinstone Shard: a flurry of glintstone shards.

The Academy Scroll and the Royal House Scroll are required for Carian Slicer and Swift Glintstone Shard, respectively. The Academy Scroll is in a box on the hill opposite the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave, while the Royal House Scroll is in a chest southeast of the Church of Irith in Liurnia.

7. Return at a later time

It’s worth repeating that you don’t have to deal with these fights right now, Liurnia. It is possible to bypass Margit, Godrick, and the rest of Stormveil Castle. Take the route to Liurnia, grab some new gear, level up, and try again later if it’s just too annoying.