How To Defeat Commander O’Neil With “Elden Ring”

Commander O’Neil’s fight is one of the more easy boss fights in “Elden Ring”. However, if you don’t approach this imposing soldier with caution, he may easily one-shot you as if he were Radhan. You’ll want to put this optional boss down as part of Millicent’s questline, which offers some pretty good rewards. Here’s where to look for Commander O’Neil, as well as how to defeat him.

If you’re new to Elden Ring and have no idea who Millicent is, read out our instructions on what you should do first and where you can easily harvest runes early on in the game.

Into the Scarlet Swamp

If you don’t like the poisonous marshes prevalent throughout the Souls series, I have some terrible news for you: O’Neil is located in one of them. He’s in the heart of the Aeonian Swamp, at a place known as the Heart of Aeonia.

Getting to O’Neil is only half the struggle. The marsh will most likely be approached from the west, away from the Heart of Aeonia. Don’t ride directly to the boss fight’s location via the marsh. You’ll be attacked by Millicent, who will most likely throw you into the marsh and murder you shortly after. Instead, circumnavigate the swamp’s north edge in search of the Sellia Under Stair grace spot. From there, you can journey southwest to Inner Aeonia, a place of grace slightly north of the Heart of Aeonia.

Travel southwest around the Heart of Aeonia from here. You’ll soon come upon a little plot of land with a Stake of Marika and an effigy of the summoning pool. You’ll want to enter the boss fight from here since you can easily call extra players (albeit it’s not the ideal option) and return quickly if you die.

Join the Torrent community

Things are rather basic after you begin the boss fight. O’Neil begins by summoning four headless troops with crossbows each. Jump on Torrent right away and take down these lesser foes while avoiding O’Neil’s blows. Because he’s sluggish, luring him to the opposite side of the arena and then attacking his lackeys is a possible alternative.

But be sure to dispatch these foes swiftly, as O’Neil has the ability to boost them. He has the ability to increase both their attack and defense, making it very easy for you to become engrossed in murdering them and end up in the dirt yourself.

Once O’Neil’s troops have been taken out, go after the big guy himself. His strikes have a reasonable range, but they’re readily dodged if you don’t become greedy. If you’re fighting the boss with a melee build, hit and run techniques are recommended. If you’re a ranged or magical user, on the other hand, you may just stay at a safe distance and slowly deplete his health.

When facing Commander O’Neil, there are only two assaults that should be avoided. The first shows him spinning his weapon in enormous circles, creating wind circles. He spins his weapon a couple times until a bigger circle of Scarlet Rot engulfs the area, infecting anybody inside quickly. If you’re hit by this strike, you’re nearly certainly going to die. You’ll be safe if you run away as soon as you spot him planning this attack.

When O’Neil reaches 40% of his maximum health, he unleashes his second assault. He’ll spawn three headless axemen, all of whom may be buffs in the same way as his original warriors. Take out the axemen as fast as possible, then return your attention to O’Neil with hit-and-run tactics, much like the previous group. After beating the axemen, taking out O’Neil should be a breeze.