How And Where To Respec “Elden Ring”

“Elden Ring” provides a variety of possibilities for character development, allowing you to spend your stat points anyway you see appropriate in order to achieve whatever sort of particular or hybrid build you like. But what if you’ve dropped a few points or aren’t satisfied with the way your character is shaping up? Don’t worry, there is a respec option in the game, and we’ll show you how to use it.

Where should you go to respec your character?

Killing Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, who also happens to be the game’s second major boss, is your first stop on the route to respec your character. You’ll have to battle your way through the Raya Lucaria Academy, which lies in the midst of the Liurnia of the Lakes map, to get to her.

After completing the academy and facing off against the somewhat difficult Rennala final battle, you’ll find that she transforms into a pleasant NPC that will remain inside the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace for the rest of the game, allowing you to respec your character at any time. But it’s not that easy; every time you wish to reallocate your stat points, you’ll require a Larval Tear, a rare consumable item.

Where do you look for Larval Tears?

According to what we’ve learned thus far about the game, each playing of Elden Ring has a limited number of Larval Tears. As a result, you’ll want to make sure you’re making educated judgments about which build you want to switch to when you locate and utilize them.

While there are a few locations where you may locate Larval Tears while exploring Liurnia of the Lakes, you’ll also come across others in some well-hidden and tough late-game sections.

Discover the Albinaurics’ Village.

A decaying town in the southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes is one of the first sites where you may locate a Larval Tear. You must go through a toxic swamp to reach the Village of the Albinaurics, where you will locate the Larval Tear on a body.

Examine the graveyard to the east of Caria Manor.

Another place to find a Larval Tear in Liurnia of the Lakes is Caria Manor, which is located in the extreme north of the biome. Work your way through this dungeon, which is full of phantom opponents and strange hand creatures, until you reach the boss, Royal Knight Loretta. Following that, you’ll be able to access the open-world region behind the manor. Wrap your way around to the east to a graveyard, where you’ll encounter a ghost in a chair that drops a Larval Tear when touched.

Pdia at Caria Manor is the person to ask.

Finally, while you’re still in Liurnia of the Lakes, go to the southwest section of the open area behind Caria Manor, which you accessed by beating Royal Knight Loretta. You’ll come across some cliffs from which you may descend to a previously unattainable balcony within a church. Pdia may be found here, and she can sell you another Larval Tear.