Hidetaka Miyazaki Says Who His Favorite “Elden Ring” Boss Is (& Why)

Even creators have favorites, and Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of “Elden Ring”, has revealed which boss in the Lands Between he favors over the others. Since its release in February, FromSoftware’s open-world game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and a large player base, including Elon Musk, who has lauded “Elden Ring” on many occasions.

One of the most appealing aspects of “Elden Ring”, like many other FromSoftware Soulslike games, is its vast boss lineup, which includes over 100 boss fights despite the fact that only 12 are required to complete the game. Now that the community has had three months to properly experience the Lands Between, monsters such as Malenia, who is widely regarded as the game’s most difficult fight, have begun to solidify their reputations. Some fans have even started utilizing mods to provide them more unique experiences with the game’s bosses, such as one that sets Elden Ring‘s” demigods against each other in head-to-head combat to test who truly rules supreme.

Favorite bosses, on the other hand, are mostly a matter of personal preference, and “Elden Ring’s” Hidetaka Miyazaki recently revealed to Xbox Wire Japan that his favorite is Starscourge Radahn. The director expressed his admiration for the Radahn Festival’s overall scenario and smiled as he recalled a time when the production team did not take the concept of such a battle seriously. Godrick the Grafted and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, according to Miyazaki, are his personal runners-up.

Since its release, Miyazaki’s favorite “Elden Ring” boss has earned a lot of backlashes. “Elden Ring’s” Starscourge Radahn was substantially nerfed shortly after the game’s release, much to the chagrin of many players. Many people believed that, given the character’s lore and the festival surrounding him, the general should stay difficult, and they aired their worries loudly. Thankfully, the devs paid attention and restored some of Radahn’s old power in a later patch.

Many aspects of FromSoftware’s games, particularly bosses, are debated with zeal, which speaks to the brilliance of the company’s creation. “Elden Ring” followed this tendency, even pushing the limits of what open-world game design can achieve. Many people lauded the game as one of the best of all time shortly after its debut, and while it’s still too early to say definitively, Miyazaki’s latest invention will undoubtedly have an impact on the industry in the future.