“Elden Ring” Gameplay Video Revealed

Bandai Namco and Fromsoftware provided a substantial gameplay preview for “Elden Ring” just a week before the Network Test. Godrick the Golden, the lord of Stormveil, was featured in the “Elden Ring” Gameplay Preview. NPCs such as Alexander the Iron Fist, Melina, and Rogier were also shown in footage from the Limgrave Region. Dave Klein (DaveControl) takes down the Elden Ring Gameplay Preview after seeing so much.

While we saw footage of the Limgrave Region and Stormveil Castle during the “Elden Ring” Gameplay Preview, we also saw numerous mechanics for the first time. Elden Ring’s Open World was further discussed, and we got a peek at “Elden Ring’s” Map and how it works, as well as an “Elden Ring” dungeon and a legacy dungeon. “Elden Ring” Co-Op was also eventually exhibited, as well as “Elden Ring” PvP.