Elon Musk Reveals That His Elden Ring Character Is a User Of Magic

Elon Musk disclosed that his “Elden Ring” character is a mage in a social media post, detailing his preferred build for the game. In FromSoftware’s newest RPG, player choice and build variation have played a big part, and fans are still experimenting with alternative “Elden Ring” setups and systems in the Lands Between.

Since its February release, “Elden Ring”, FromSoftware’s seventh installment in the Soulsborne series, has had a lot of success. Elden Ring is an action RPG that, like its infamously challenging cousins, challenges players to explore its universe. “Elden Ring” stands apart from its predecessor thanks to its open-world experience, which has been praised by critics and players alike. “Elden Ring”, on the other hand, tries to integrate and refine the best aspects of the Soulsborne series over time. This fusion of gameplay mechanics has enabled players a near-infinite number of character builds to experiment with as they seek to survive their voyage, with “Elden Ring” characters based on other IPs frequently adding light to their travels.

History Defined, a Twitter account dedicated to the history, recently tweeted a photo of an 8th-century mosaic titled Tree of Life. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, reacted to the mosaic’s earthen tone and atmospheric lighting, which bears a remarkable resemblance to “Elden Ring’s” famed Erdtree. Soon after, a user named KangaroO sought Musk’s advice by asking about his preferred build style. Elon responded with a detailed explanation of why he prefers a Mage-style build. Elon has clearly put a lot of effort into “Elden Ring”, based on the breadth of the build mechanics detailed in his response. He even detailed his basic weapon loadout, including how he wields a shield, staff, rapier, and claws. Regrettably, he has yet to reveal his spell choice.

While Elon Musk prefers a spellcasting “Elden Ring” construct, his advice may reveal where the game excels in terms of gameplay. Musk describes practically every option available to his fellow Tarnished to overcome “Elden Ring’s” seemingly insurmountable difficulties, with few exceptions. “Elden Ring”, like all the games in its illustrious pedigree, challenges players to use every tool at their disposal to succeed, from spells to summons. While this can be difficult for inexperienced players, mastering a specific build is inextricably related to the joy that comes from defeating FromSoftware games.

As more Tarnished invade the Lands Between, “Elden Ring” has proven to be a profitable hit for FromSoftware. Even Elon Musk’s recent multibillion-dollar purchase of Twitter didn’t appear to dissuade him from joining the Erdtree. As gamers continue their perilous journey across the Lands Between, remember that assistance can come in the form of friends, family, or even a millionaire CEO.