“Elden Ring”‘s Rennala Fight Once Included An Unexpected Guest Star

An “Elden Ring” dataminer uncovered that the Rennala boss fight’s second phase used to include the summoning of a fan favorite figure.

One of “Elden Ring”‘s most gorgeous boss fights is the Rennala boss fight, and data miners have revealed that it formerly contained a fan-favorite figure as a summon to combat players. Now that the game has been available for a few months, many fans have had the opportunity to experience “Elden Ring”‘s vast array of spectacular bosses. In prior games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, developer FromSoftware has created breathtaking and complex boss encounters. For discerning fans, several of these outstanding boss bouts provide fascinating backstory clues.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Elden Ring and other Soulsborne games, is known for his unconventional approach to storytelling in video games. Unlike other games, FromSoftware frequently requires players to explore and uncover things on their own. This frequently results in players losing out on game backstory and, in some cases, entirely skipping optional sections with legendary bosses. However, some information from one of “Elden Ring”‘s most important boss fights has been discovered, and its inclusion would have had enormous mythology ramifications.

However, it turns out that Rennala summoned “Elden Ring” fan favorite Blaidd during the second part of her boss fight. While the ghostly summon was deleted from “Elden Ring” before it premiered, the traces were preserved in the game’s code, according to observant Soulsborne data miner Zullie The Witch. Zullie can summon a limited number of comrades to help her in combat during the second phase of Rennala’s boss fight, similar to how players employ the game’s Spirit Ashes. The greatsword wielding Blaidd, who is notably loyal to Rennala’s daughter, Ranni the Witch, was one of the summons eliminated from this fight. As a Rennala summoning, his presence would imply that the figure was held in more regard than the players had been led to believe.

Blaidd is popular among “Elden Ring” gamers because to his likeness to Berserk’s main character, Guts. Blaidd’s past and devotion to Ranni, though, helped the character become a cult favorite. The character may be found at various places during the game. When Rennala summoned the warrior, he would exclaim, “Come, Blaidd, my child!” Rennala’s elimination from the Rennala boss battle also contained some removed speech. This shows that Ranni’s devoted servant was well-liked enough to be counted among the Carian family. Throughout the Land’s Between, the Carian family members would become extremely well-known and powerful demigods. The character’s removal from the fight was most likely done to avoid interfering with the other questlines developed by FromSoftware for the final release of the game.


Devoted fans have been discovering hidden information and hidden mysteries in FromSoftware’s games for years. Interesting additions, such as Blaidd in the Rennala combat, would have added to “Elden Ring”‘s complicated mythology. Other discovered content may have provided fans hints about upcoming “Elden Ring” PVP content. Fans and data miners are continuously uncovering fresh facts and content that considerably contributes to the entire experience of Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece, thanks to the way “Elden Ring” was built.