“Elden Ring’s” Best Rune Farm Location Has Probably Been Found (2.5m Per Hour)

YouTuber Ashen One lays out a convoluted method that can be found early in “Elden Ring” that leads to 2.5 million runes every hour.

In “Elden Ring”, a potential best rune farming spot was recently uncovered, with anyone who can complete it earning about 2.5 million runes each hour. “Elden Ring”, an open-world game by FromSoftware, released to enormous critical acclaim, adding to the already massive excitement that saw the game surpass Steam’s sixth-highest player count of all time.

One of the most significant of the numerous improvements made by FromSoftware to its new title is the addition of a globe map. However, unlike many other recent open-world games, the map offers minimal information about the environment in order to promote player exploration of the Lands Between. As a result, Elden Ring has created a lot of discussion among players, who are sharing their varied findings and comparing notes on quest lines, goods, and locales. When it comes to mining “Elden Ring’s”¬†money, runes, this final point is especially crucial.

YouTuber Ashen One has uncovered a spot where a dedicated player could farm 2.5 million of them each hour. While it can be found right after completing Stormveil Castle in “Elden Ring”, getting there requires several steps involving NPC questlines, PvP, and items that teleport the player to late-game areas. Ashen One illustrates the entire procedure and even provides ideas on how to boost the already profitable rune total in the less than 4-minute video.

Other “Elden Ring” enthusiasts have mentioned some spots where they feel rune harvesting is ideal prior to Ashen One’s journey. Preferences appear to differ from player to player, with skill level, build type, and other factors all playing a part, however the best farming places are usually located in late-game zones. Some enthusiasts have gone so far as to forego farming entirely and instead purchase “Elden Ring” runes from other players on eBay.

While the bulk of the community has yet to reach an agreement on many aspects of “Elden Ring”, one thing that everyone can agree on is that the game is huge. Not only is the open world enormous, but it’s also jam-packed with so many things to do that most players won’t be able to see it all in two weeks. “Elden Ring” is still less than two weeks old, and there are likely numerous developer-planted mysteries in the Lands Between that have yet to be found. As a result, it will likely take some time for the community to reach an agreement on considerably more subjective issues such as the optimal rune farming area.