“Elden Ring”‘s Best Incantations

Faith builds in prior From Software titles never quite made it to the S tier. “Elden Ring”‘s closed network test, on the other hand, revealed a few of truly damaged Incantations, leading the community to wonder if Faith would finally get its due. Now that the dust has settled, it’s evident that while Incantations lack the sheer strength of Sorceries, they more than make up for it in usefulness and variety, making Faith builds a viable approach for getting you through PvE and even PvP.

The top ten incantations in Elden Ring are listed below. Rather than focusing solely on sheer strength, we’ve considered ease of use, utility, and how early in the game the spells can be obtained.

Spear of Lightning

Lightning SpearSpear of Lightning

Lightning Spear is one of the most important Incantations to learn early on. It’s one of the finest ways to pick off lesser adversaries in a group from afar, or lure out greater threats to take on one at a time, thanks to its low FP cost, long range, and rapid windup time. You can complete the game without ever using throwing knives or arrows if you have this in your arsenal. However, be wary of the windup animation; when you release the bolt, your character will take a giant step forward, which can send you flying off a cliff if you’re not careful.

The spell may be found in the Dragon Cult Prayerbook, which was dumped near the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes by a knight. To purchase, give it to Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

The Crucible’s Characteristics: Tail

Aspects of the Crucible: TailThe Crucible’s Characteristics: Tail

Although all three Crucible Incantations are playable, Aspect of the Crucible: Tail is the greatest. It may be powered up to add a harder, wider-reaching follow-up swipe to the strike, dealing high Strike damage to break through thick armor sets. It’s a little tough to get the time right, but once you do, Aspects of the Crucible: During the early and mid-game, Tail can be one of the most efficient offensive spells against both single foes and groups. Crucible armor even boosts it!

Getting your hands on the spell, on the other hand, will be difficult. The Crucible Knight drops it in the Stormhill Evergoal, which is likely one of the most difficult fights you’ll face early on in Limgrave.

Breath that is rotten

Rotten BreathBreath that is rotten

Rotten Breath is the Dragon Communion Incantation you’ll want to know about in “Elden Ring”. It may inflict massive amounts of Scarlet Rot across a huge area in seconds, making some of the game’s most difficult encounters seem trivial. Even Radahn, for example, will be defeated by the spell on its own. Because of the extended windup time, it’s important to timing your exit wisely. But once you’ve done that, step back and allow the status effect do the rest. Breath-and-run is a corny strategy you’ll want to use till the end of the movie.

The Dragon Communion Alter sells the spell for a single Dragon Heart.

Cleanse me, flame.

Flame, Cleanse MeCleanse me, flame.

Flame, Cleanse me is perhaps the most crucial utility spell in the game, despite not being the flashiest of all the Incantations on our list. For a low FP cost, it removes buildup and cures both Poison and Scarlet Rot. Some of the game’s most difficult environmental difficulties (such as Lake of Rot) and adversaries (such as Melania) are designed so by repeatedly torturing you with these lethal condition ailments. It’s priceless to have a technique to cure yourself rapidly without relying on consumables like Boluses.

The spell may be found at the Church of Vows in Liurnia of the Lakes, in the Fire Monk camp.

Sling of the Beast

Bestial SlingSling of the Beast

Bestial Sling is the greatest Bestial Incantation, with a lightning fast windup and one of the lowest FP costs of any spell in the game. It spreads out after casting, making it a viable option to deal with groups of monsters in PvE, as well as a terrific way to stagger and punish PvP opponents for being too near and aggressive. Bestial Sling is a must-have offensive Incantation because it’s cheap and easy to spam. To augment the already high Poise damage it may inflict, combine it with the Clawmark Seal or Stonebarb Cracked Tear.

After delivering your second Deathroot, speak with Gurranq, Beast Clergyman to learn the spell.

Frenzied Burst is a frantic burst of energy.

Frenzied BurstFrenzied Burst is a frantic burst of energy.

Frenzied Burst is one of the most difficult spells to avoid in the game. It fires an exceedingly fast laser beam from the caster’s eyes, creating Madness accumulation and capable of hitting targets a considerable distance away, after a brief windup. In PvE, it’s a good option for taking off adversaries from afar, but in PvP, Frenzied Burst excels. You can maintain your gap and force your opponent to focus on dodging the following burst rather than executing their own attacking approach.

A Teardrop Scarab south of the Church of Inhibition in Liurnia of the Lakes drops Frenzied Burst.

Heal with Erdtree

Erdtree HealHeal with Erdtree

Erdtree Heal is the best heal spell to dabble with if you want to experiment with healing spells. It has a high Faith requirement (42) and FP cost (65), but the large quantity of HP it restores makes it worthwhile. In cooperative play, the spell is highly useful because it heals both your character and any surrounding friends.

Return to the Queen’s Bedchamber in the Leyndell after defeating Malekith, Black Blade of Death, to find the spell.

Flies in a Swam

Swarm of FliesFlies in a Swarm

It’s no secret that Bleed is one of “Elden Ring”‘s most busted strategies, and Swarm of Flies is a big reason why. Swarm of Flies is the best Incantation for any Bleed build with the Faith to cast it, unleashing a homing swarm of bloodflies in front of the caster that inflicts the Hemorrhage status effect on the adversary it contacts with. Starting with the spell from afar, chip away at the adversary, then finishing them off with your weapon of choice (we recommend Rivers of Blood) once the buildup meter has filled is a terrific tactic. For a more destructive effect, use it with the White Mask or Lord of Blood’s Exultation.

Swarm of Flies may be found on a corpse immediately north of Mohgwyn Palace’s Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace.

Lightning Strike of an Ancient Dragon

Ancient Dragon's Lightning StrikeLightning Strike of an Ancient Dragon

Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike can do some of the most damage of any Incantation in the game over a vast area. The spell unleashes a hail of red lightning bolts that slam into whichever enemy you’ve locked on, delivering tremendous AOE damage all around them. You can clear out entire hordes with a single spell, even late in the game. When battling swarms of foes in PvE, it provides the best bang for your buck at only 36 FP.

The spell can be found in the Crumbling Farum Azula’s Ancient Dragon Prayerbook. To acquire access, give it to Brother Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

Take Thee, Giantsflame

Giantsflame Take TheeTake Thee, Giantsflame

Look no further than Giantsflame Take Thee if you’re seeking for the finest fireball in the game. The spell fires a large fireball at the target, killing several opponents in its path and triggering a massive AOE explosion where it lands. Given the quantity of bosses in “Elden Ring” who are vulnerable to fire, Giantsflame Take Thee is an Incantation you’ll want to learn. It may not be as showy as Flame of the Fell God, but it is less expensive, faster to cast, and demands less Faith, making it the best spell for fire mages in the end.