Elden Ring Network Test Codes Being Scalped For Hundreds Of Dollars

The Network Test Codes, which are being sold online for hundreds of dollars, make Elden Ring a popular target for scalpers.

Elden Ring has been a target of scalpers since the Network Test Codes are being sold online for hundreds of dollars. In October, the Elden Ring Closed Network Test was made public. Fans were encouraged to sign up to be eligible to participate. Many fans are disappointed that they were not chosen for the Closed Network Test codes.

Elden Ring has already been announced as one of the 2022’s most important releases. Since its announcement, the excitement for FromSoftware’s next release was palpable. Eldenring won an award for Most Awaited Game in 2020. Fans were not given much information about the game after its initial announcement. Instead, Elden Ring leaks began to circulate online with no one really knowing what they were. More information has been revealed ahead of Elden Ring’s 2022 release. Fans were recently treated to new gameplay footage of the fantasy epic that featured talking pots and ferocious Dragons as well as jaw-dropping views.

Those who were selected to participate in the Elden Ring Closed Network Testing will soon be able to enjoy even more from Tarnished or The Lands Between. Those who were not selected in the official draw are still able to buy codes from eBay (via ComicBook). This is a great option for FromSoftware enthusiasts, but it will not be cheap. Many of the codes have starting bids exceeding $200 USD. Some even exceed $300 USD.

The Elden Ring Closed network Test registration page has revealed that participants will have the opportunity to participate in five gaming sessions each lasting three hours. Since the November gameplay announcement, five character classes have been revealed by the official Elden RingTwitter page. These will all be available during the Closed Network Test. This makes the possibility of spending hundreds of dollars appealing to many.

For those who were unable to get a code for Elden Ring Closed network Test, either via lottery selections or online bidding, it is now possible to wait for the game’s release. Although the game’s launch was delayed to February 2022, it will still be available for purchase by those who have already purchased Dark Souls or Bloodborne.