Elden Ring Network Test Codes Are Already Up on eBay for Absurd Prices

Bandai Namco will hold a closed network test for Elden Ring. Lucky fans have been chosen. is for those who were not able to obtain a code. Many have ended up on ebay. The auction for the PlayStation 5 Test Codes in North America is currently at $300. The game’s release could be delayed for a few months, but that’s not what the game is about. Although it’s impossible to predict the final price of these auctions, we all know that it will be ridiculous.

It’s not surprising that these test codes are selling so well. The secondary market has seen a surge in the prices of videogame-related items over the past year. The demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles has been overwhelming, but the market is also expanding to Pokemon cards and other video game memorabilia. It’s been extremely difficult for true fans of the game to find what they want.

Elden Ring has been a highly anticipated game in 2022. It’s not surprising that gamers would pay a lot to take part in the network test. It’s difficult to overstate how bad this idea is. This will encourage resellers to hoard network test codes at premium prices, just as they did for consoles in the past year. Although there are many codes available for sale on eBay, they are not in large numbers. But, once resellers realize this is their next big thing, gamers will start competing with bots for network testing. This would be bad news for developers, fans, and the entire industry.