“Elden Ring” Mod Unlocks Arenas, Which Could Lead To Future DLC With PvP

A mod has been used by an “Elden Ring” user to unlock the game’s hidden venues, which might be used to create a new PvP mode in a future DLC.

A mod was utilized by an “Elden Ring” player to access hidden arenas that could be used to introduce a new PvP mode in a future DLC. “Elden Ring’s” new PvP and invasion systems are among the multiplayer elements in FromSoftware’s latest game. Players can either challenge other players to a duel or try to invade the planets of others who have agreed to be invaded. While the system is similar to that seen in the Dark Souls games, the goods associated with it are unique, and Elden Ring allows players to prevent invasions even when playing online.

“Elden Ring” also has a cooperative option that allows players to work together to beat the game’s difficult boss battles. “Elden Ring’s” co-op mode, like the game’s PvP and invasions systems, is still limited and doesn’t fully use the game’s vast universe. Co-op is currently limited to a few bosses and sections in the game, providing a method for friends to either aid each other through a difficult encounter or simply enjoy battling a boss together. “Elden Ring’s” co-op, on the other hand, might be greatly improved in the future by allowing players to explore the game’s universe together.

Garden of Eyes (via GameSpot) has posted a new video on YouTube showcasing the venues they’ve obtained access to thanks to a mod or hack. The insides of the coliseums are fully designed and built, rather than being just empty areas, as the video indicates, implying that DLC plans are in the works. The structures may be found in three different zones of the game: North Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell Capital, each with its own distinct look. The arenas may be used as PvP dueling arenas in a future update, according to Garden of Eyes, with the content developer noting that the mythology surrounding each of the structures supports the notion.

It isn’t the first time that the inside of these abandoned “Elden Ring” arenas have been investigated. Another Dark Souls modder has hacked the game in order to explore and leak the coliseum portion of “Elden Ring”. While FromSoftware has yet to reply to the leaks and has yet to confirm or deny any impending DLC for the game, it’s unlikely that the studio would go to the work of designing and creating these structures if it has no intentions to unlock them in the future.

It’s encouraging to learn that FromSoftware has more content planned for “Elden Ring” than the game now has. More “Elden Ring” content will undoubtedly be appreciated by the game’s numerous fans, whether the arenas are used for a new PvP mode, full DLC, or something else entirely.