Elden Ring Discounts Game Before It Even Comes Out

Green Man Gaming offers a 20% discount for PC gamers who pre-order the base or deluxe editions of Elden Ring.

Although the Elden Ring title is still months away from its launch, one retailer has already offered sales discounts. A preview Elden Ring gave fans a detailed look at the FromSoftware title.

Although there are many familiar elements in the action RPG for FromSoftware users, the title will not be the same as the Souls-like format. Some of the most significant changes for Dark Souls veterans include an open-world map in the The Legend of Zelda series, as well as mounted combat and a strong emphasis on verticality in gameplay. The core gameplay elements FromSoftware is well-known for such as the variety of combat styles, expansive loot system and glowing checkpoints are also retained. However, Elden Ring was delayed by one month. This means that the title might not be as complete as FromSoftware wants it to be.

Most retailers have already set the price at $60 for the standard edition and $80 for the deluxe edition. The game will be released February 1, 2015. However, Wario64 pointed out on Twitter that Elden Ring orders made through Green Man Gaming will get a 20% discount. Instead of paying $47.99 for a base edition, players who buy the game through this outlet will pay $63.99 to get the deluxe version.

It does not appear that any other retailers are offering a discount on the FromSoftware title. This is quite a curious move considering Elden Ring was a highly-anticipated title for some time. It has become a popular commodity regardless of its price. Green Man Gaming could gain more business by offering a discount early on, if they remain the only place where players can buy the game at a discounted price before launch.

Although the idea of an open-world, Dark Souls -inspired title sounds amazing, it is not yet practical and has not been proven to work. Competent development teams have been known to overextend themselves on large-scale projects, with Cyberpunk2077 being one recent example. Elden Ring is in development for some time. However, if the title at launch lives up to the footage, players will be in for an incredible experience.