Crucible Knight Floh Appears To Be This Dragon Knight

A formidable NPC not seen in the game’s network test has been dubbed Crucible Knight Floh, according to newly leaked “Elden Ring” gameplay.

Dataminer ER-SA posted a short video of this red warrior in action, and by action, we mean pummeling a poor Tarnished. They make effective use of Ordovis’ Greatsword and the Crucible armor set obtained in a guarded wagon just east of “Elden Ring‘s” starting location by Floh – presuming that is this character’s ultimate name.

With diving attacks and roundhouses supplemented by ethereal wings and what appears to be a dragon tail, their techniques are virtually dragoon-like. That horned shield is also fairly nasty, and the Ordovis greatsword’s special attack hasn’t gotten any less lethal. We can only hope that sweeping tail attack is a spell we can learn. That thing’s range is incredible.

ER-SA battles a ghost version of Floh near the game’s start, just outside the cathedral past the first Site of Grace, but it’s unknown if this is the NPC’s natural location. The Elden Ring network test allowed access to this location, however Floh did not appear in the test. It’s possible that Floh was left out of the network test, but it’s also plausible that ER-SA brought them in for a quick demonstration. Another dataminer who cited ER-work SA’s discovered a corporeal counterpart of the Crucible Knight in Stormveil Castle, which seems like a more logical place for a warrior of this caliber.

Elden Ring’s” character creation screen was previously released by ER-SA, and it appears to be a significant upgrade over FromSoftware’s prior titles.