All Legendary Spell Locations In The “Elden Ring”

“Elden Ring” is brimming with spells for you to discover and employ on your trip through the Lands Between. You’ll want to collect and test them all, from highly strong attacking magic to incredibly beneficial defensive buffs. Finding the game’s seven legendary spells, on the other hand, will get you a trophy and frequently advance you through some fascinating tasks, making them some of the most significant you can collect. We’ve chosen to make things easier for you by putting all of the legendary spell locations in one handy hub, so bookmark it for future reference.

Azur Comet is a comet that orbits the sun.

Coming to terms with Comet Azur necessitates a visit to Mt. Gelmir, a mid-game location that shouldn’t take long to reach.

Elden Stars is a fictional character created by Elden Stars

Elden Stars might take a long time to discover because you’ll have to go through various underground places to get to Deeproot Depths.

The Fell God’s Flame

Flame of the Fell God is one of the easiest legendary spells to obtain, since it just takes a brief journey to Liurnia of the Lakes and a simple monster to defeat.

Elden Ring Three Fingers location and what to do at Frenzied Flame  Proscription | Eurogamer.netRain of Stars was the inspiration for the creation of Rain of Stars.

To get to Founding Rains of Stars, you’ll have to solve a difficult problem in a late-game region, but we’ll show you how to do it.

Roar of the Greyoll

To earn Greyoll’s Roar, you’ll need to spend some time in Caelid patiently slaying a large dragon, so set aside some time for this.

The Dark Moon of Ranni

You won’t be able to obtain Ranni’s Dark Moon without putting in a large amount of time and effort into a lengthy and winding journey that will take you all across the Lands Between.

Ruinous Stars

In Caelid, Stars of Ruin is buried behind a lengthy quest and an incredibly well-hidden illusion wall.