After Months Of Leaks, “Elden Ring” Finally Warns Players Of Spoilers.

After weeks of leaks, FromSoftware has finally issued a warning to fans not to publish “Elden Ring” spoilers online, lest they ruin the experience for others.

After weeks of leaks, developer FromSoftware has now begged fans not to ruin “Elden Ring” for other players in the run-up to the game’s release. In December 2021, hackers managed to jailbreak the PS4 and obtain access to the Closed Network Test that FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment staged in November, resulting in the latest “Elden Ring” disclosures.

Quest and voice-over data ranging from particular plot aspects to endgame content material were discovered by those who combed through the Elden Ring archives. In the days and weeks that followed, gaming footage featuring the character creation system, combat encounters, talking tree NPCs, and more appeared on the internet. A new slew of leaks surfaced just a few days ago, the most notable of which were footage from “Elden Ring’s” opening cinematic. Given the impending release of the long-awaited RPG, it appears that the FromSoftware team has finally been compelled to make a comment regarding a problem that fans have been fighting for over two months.

The official “Elden Ring” Twitter account posted a message today, February 21, requesting that gamers avoid from releasing spoilers that may ruin the pleasure for others. Because review copies are available to reviewers, this specific caution should not come as a surprise. However, several fans have pointed out that when leaked facts and footage surfaced late last year, FromSoftware failed to publish a similar statement. But it’s better late than never. The message in question may be found in the text-heavy graphic below:

With “Elden Ring” spoilers still circulating online, it seems prudent for FromSoftware to caution against sharing them. Those who follow the news closely may see the warning as too little, too late, but it is hoped that it would convince some individuals to consider others before sharing specific data. After all, doesn’t everyone wish to see “Elden Ring” with clear eyes?

“Elden Ring” is FromSoftware’s third game following the release of Dark Souls III in 2016. It was first unveiled at E3 2019. Déraciné, a PlayStation VR game, was the team’s first post-Souls project, and it was released in 2018. Not long after, in the spring of 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice arrived, giving a fresh twist on the venerable studio’s distinctive Soulslike experience. While “Elden Ring” has some Souls-like elements, it appears that this project will be a significant divergence from FromSoftware’s recent offerings.