According To a Report, “Elden Ring” Is the First FromSoft Game To Use Simple Anti-Cheat

FromSoftware, the creators of “Elden Ring”, has stated that the game will integrate Easy Anti-Cheat, making it the first game to do so.

Cheaters and hackers can damage almost any game these days that links to the internet, therefore “Elden Ring” is taking preventative measures by being the first FromSoftware game to use Easy Anti-Cheat. Hopefully, this will prevent what is already a difficult game from becoming a headache. At the very least, it should make things a little more equitable.

In the Dark Souls community, hacking has long been a problem, with some bad actors exploiting hacks to gain an unfair advantage while entering other players’ realms. Being invaded is unpleasant enough without the enemy player being unkillable or inflicting unfathomably high damage. Not to mention that hacking can lead to some very harmful behavior, such as the recent exploit that caused FromSoftware to disable multiplayer servers for all Dark Souls games while they work on a cure. With issues like this hurting its previous games, it’s understandable that FromSoftware would want to do all possible to fortify Elden Ring‘s” defenses to prevent the same thing from happening with its newest release.

According to WCCFTech, the game will employ Easy Anti-Cheat, which will be the first time a FromSoftware game ships with anti-cheating software. This information comes from the game’s End User License Agreement, which expressly references Easy Anti-Cheat in a section about third-party software. According to the EULA, whenever fans launch “Elden Ring”, Easy Anti-Cheat will automatically download, install, and execute its latest version, after which the software will do its job and report any cheating activities to FromSoftware, allowing the firm to ban any would-be cheaters. Whether or if this truly works as intended will have to wait till the game is released.

There’s also the matter of how “Elden Ring’s” performance will be affected by this software, as well as how gamers will react to the news. While anti-cheating software should, in theory, be a net positive, some players object to it since it can slow down a game. Fans were recently voicing their dissatisfaction with Deathloop, saying that the game’s performance had decreased as a result of its use of Denuvo anti-cheating software. If gamers have comparable issues in “Elden Ring”, they may oppose the adoption of Easy Anti-Cheat, even if it is intended to improve the game. There’s a trade-off here, and fans will just have to hope that the game plays smoothly even with the extra software installed.

“Elden Ring” will be released in less than a month, and the much awaited game will look to differentiate itself from FromSoftware’s prior titles in a number of ways. “Elden Ring”, according to the game’s director, will be less stressful than its predecessors. The use of Easy Anti-Cheat should, in theory, assist ensure that other players aren’t making the games more difficult than they need to be.