What Are The Infected Trophies In “Dying Light 2” And What Is The Best Farming Strategy?

In order to construct some of the game’s best mods, you’ll need a lot of Infected Trophies in “Dying Light 2”. Infected Trophies are so ubiquitous in crafting recipes that you’ll nearly always need a bunch no matter what you’re trying to make. Here’s everything you need to know about the “trophies” strewn across Villedor.

Trophies for “Dying Light 2: Infected”

Infected Trophies aren’t exactly the kind of thing you’d display on your mantle at home. They’re far more heinous than that. Though it’s never quite apparent what they are, one gruesome clue is that they can only be found in the bodies of specific afflicted. Ears? Fingers? It’s probably for the best that we don’t know for certain.

In any case, you’ll need a lot of these to improve health kits, lockpicks, and throwables, among other goods and blueprints. Aiden’s tools can improve as he grows by upgrading these goods on a regular basis. Even if you have excellent gear and a lot of HP from locating Inhibitors, a low-level health kit won’t help you out when you’re up against some tough bosses and opponents later in the game.

There are various types of Infected Trophies. Consider these to be color-coded loot like you’ve seen in MMOs and RPGs, albeit the only difference in Dying Light 2 is the name, not the color. Knowing which monsters to target to get one type or the other comes down to knowing which specific infected types drop which Infected Trophies. Here’s how everything works in-game:

Infected Trophies That Aren’t Found Everywhere

  • Virals – Small groups of sprinting zombies who attack you at any time of day or night
    Howlers are nocturnal animals that scream to alarm others.
  • Spitters spit acid projectiles at you from afar; they’re most active at night.
  • Infected Trophies are extremely rare.
  • Goons are big hulking zombies that are frequently encountered around military convoys throughout the day.
  • Bolters are fast, solitary zombies who race away from you rather than towards you; they are only seen at night.
  • Banshees are jumping zombies that appear in story moments (such in the game’s prologue).

Infected Trophies That Aren’t Found Anywhere Else

  • Volatiles are muscular zombies from the original game that may be found at night and during story moments.
  • Demolishers are boss characters who appear in plot moments.
  • Chargers are boss characters who appear on plot occasions.
  • Revenants are GRE’s mini-bosses. Anomaly actions discovered late at night

In “Dying Light 2”: How to Farm Infected Trophies

While cultivating Unique trophies is nearly impossible—the best you can hope for is to complete all of the GRE Anomaly missions—the rest of the trophies can mostly be discovered at night. You can get a lot of Uncommon trophies just by killing Virals, who flock to your area when they hear loud noises like a Howler’s siren. Spitters can often be found roving the streets after sundown. Bolters are the easiest of the Rare prize categories to take down, but you’ll have to catch them first.

As a result, the quickest farming approach is to go out late at night and cause havoc. Signal a chase, kill as many Virals, Howlers, and Spitters as can, and keep an eye out for Bolters, who will come more frequently than Banshees and are far weaker than Volatiles. All of this, with a heavy dose of GRE Anomalies, can rapidly net you a huge amount of Infected Trophies, which you can spend to manufacture upgrades of your choice at any Craftmaster location, such as the Bazaar or the Peacekeepers’ HQ. If you require any additional “Dying Light 2” advice, please contact us.