The Player Discovers a Secret, Rideable Bicycle In “Dying Light 2”

Despite appearing to be unworked, one intrepid player spotted a hidden bicycle in “Dying Light 2’s” undisclosed developer menu that can be ridden.

Players have discovered a hidden rideable bicycle in Techland’s newest post-apocalyptic action-adventure “Dying Light 2” that can only be accessed through a developer debug menu, which is a strange but fascinating discovery. The long-awaited sequel to the survival horror game Dying Light was released last week to varied but generally positive reviews, with praise for its open-world exploration and exhilarating combat that improved on the model of its predecessor. Despite the game’s major technical flaws, the developer published a big day-one patch with over 1,000 patches for the issues that plagued the game and rendered it unplayable for many.

The zombie-filled “Dying Light 2” follows freelance runner Aiden Caldwell as he completes jobs for The City’s people, set more than 20 years after the original game in an isolated urban city. Players can use the title’s enhanced parkour features and gadgets to easily traverse around the city and escape oncoming zombies and faction adversaries while completing tasks in a fully explorable setting four times larger than the original. The action-adventure game will also bring back Dying Light’s hack-and-slash combat, with a new system that requires players to scavenge for pieces to create or upgrade weapons in order to face new hurdles.

According to Eurogamer, Reddit user Taki7o7 released a video of what appears to be a secret hidden bike that players in “Dying Light 2” can use. The gamer may be seen riding around and showing off his bicycle in The City’s downtown area during the clip. Surprisingly, the animation for equipping the bike appears to be sluggish. When additional players in the comments report that the bike can only be accessed via a developer menu on PC and is currently undiscovered in-game, this makes a lot more sense. The bike is reported to have been removed from the game, but its whereabouts are unknown, and Techland has yet to issue a comment confirming its locations or removal from the game.

“Dying Light 2” appears to be chock-full of secrets and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. In “Dying Light 2”, players discovered an Easter egg that pays homage to the classic survival horror series Resident Evil. With “Dying Light 2” now out, it’s just a matter of time before more are uncovered, and it’s still unknown what Techland has concealed in The City’s vast open area.

The omission of rideable bicycles is more reasonable now that the paraglider, grappling hook, and traversal mechanics have been added. It’s unclear whether the bicycle is still hidden in the game, but those who are curious can start looking now that Techland’s next zombie adventure “Dying Light 2” is released.