Pre-loads for “Dying Light 2” are Now Available On All Platforms, Ahead of the Game’s Release on Friday

Pre-loads for “Dying Light 2” are now available for all platforms, allowing players to prepare their installs so they’re ready to play right away.

Despite the fact that some copies have already been seen in the wild, the official release date for “Dying Light 2” is still slated for February 4th. On the Dying Light series’ official Twitter account, developer Techland revealed that you can now start pre-loading the game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S – the Switch version was recently delayed, but it’s completely cloud-based, so there shouldn’t be much to pre-load anyway.

Early user reviews indicate that “Dying Light 2” on PS5 is significantly smaller than Dying Light 2 on PS4. Of course, this is only for the initial pre-load items. Any additional data required to complete the installation after “Dying Light 2” is released will very certainly raise the game’s overall storage requirements, not to mention the contents of the Dying Light 2 day-one patch.

If you want to experience everything Techland has planned for “Dying Light 2”, you’ll need to set up a nice and comfy spot on your storage drive for it to take up semi-permanent residence: the arrival of the first “Dying Light 2” story DLC in June is still early days for Techland’s post-release update plan. Parkour and zombie slaying are going to be quite popular during the next five years.