Patch 1.2 for “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” Addresses Some of the Game’s Most Serious Issues

A new patch for “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” has just been released, bringing a number of player-requested improvements and correcting many of the game’s most vexing bugs, including lingering “deathloop” difficulties. According to developer Techland, the patch is now available for PC and will be heading to consoles soon.

The patch contains a number of quality-of-life enhancements, such as improved ragdoll physics, performance boosts for older PCs, and “more immersive details in melee combat,” according to Techland. According to the patch notes for update 1.2, these improvements include weight adjustments for blunt melee weapons, a Biter buff, and changes to sharp weapons to allow for more gorey slicing, dicing, and general slaughter.

In terms of fixes, the patch has removed the last known instances of “deathloops,” in which players die repeatedly in certain conditions. The patch also includes a number of fixes for story tasks that could possibly stymie progress.

“Dying Light 2’s” stability has also been addressed, with fixes for known crashes and black screen instances. The complete patch notes, which can be found below, include a number of significant improvements and tweaks aimed at improving players’ experience in “Dying Light 2’s” open world.

It’s not surprising that so many flaws have surfaced since Techland’s pre-launch advertising for “Dying Light 2” typically emphasized the game’s enormous size and scope, and the developer has been hard at work delivering hotfixes and post-release patches. Techland has committed to providing five years of post-release maintenance for the game, which will include not only bug fixes but also additional content such as new locales, plot DLC, characters, and more.

Fixes for Story Progression

  • All known “Deathloops” cases have been eradicated.
  • Into the Dark, Assassination, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out,
  • Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time all quest blocks have been fixed.
  • Safe zone issues (in-game clock stops, can’t sleep) have been resolved.

Fixes from the Co-op

  • Issues with stability have been resolved, such as crashes or black screens in specific circumstances.
  • Several plot progression hurdles have been fixed.
  • Issues with accepting invitations have been resolved.
  • Issues with the challenges have been resolved: no weapons while the inventory is full, the difficulty balance has been corrected, and the tool requirements have been appropriately handled.
  • Fixed spawning of co-op teams in remote locations
  • Windmills, hanging cages, loot chests, and NPC rescue issues have all been improved or repaired in the city’s open environment.
  • In some instances, enemies and players will fall through the ground.
  • Several performance issues have been resolved.

Fixes for Nightrunner Tools

  • Players who gained the Paraglider and Grappling Hook upgrades during cooperative sessions can apply them correctly.
  • Players in cooperative mode receive the PK Crossbow award correctly. New cases will not surface as a result of this adjustment.
  • Significant Combat Enhancements
  • During the day, Biter behavior has improved. Opponent encounters become more varied when the enemy clutches onto the players more frequently.
  • The performance of blunt weapons has improved as a result of the increased sense of weight.
  • Improved opponent reaction depending on weapon type — to more accurately reflect the weapon’s weight.
  • Players’ assaults can now be blocked by human opponents during light hit response time.
  • Human enemy light hit reflexes have been shortened.

Ragdoll Behaviours That Haven’t Been Seen Before

  • Ragdolls are used by opponents more frequently.
  • Ragdoll is a more natural way of working.
  • Ragdoll’s behavior varies depending on the weapon type utilized.
  • When falling from a height or striking different sections of the body, appropriate forces are provided while retaining the force applied from the direction of the blow.
  • When a ragdoll collides with its environment, the relevant sound and FXs are produced, depending on the surface on which the body lands.
  • Detection of spikes has been improved. After a hit, the adversary is now always imprinted on the spikes. Additionally, the audio feedback for spikes has been improved, and additional FXs (displayed based on the body’s actual motion) have been introduced.

Balance and Night Improvements

  • The range of Howler’s senses widened.
  • The Howler’s resistance to ranged weapons has been increased.
  • When a Howler is hit by a ranged weapon and survives, the hunt begins.
  • During the chase, volatiles emerges from hiding areas faster.
  • The chase’s fourth level has become more challenging.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • After being hit or completing specified parkour moves, Survivor Sense now works appropriately and can be invoked without any cooldowns.
  • Improvements to the information architecture of the Options Menu, including a separate Accessibility Tab.
  • The Player Health Bar, Item Selector, and Time of Day Indicator can now be shown, hidden, or dynamically displayed.
  • The new default setting for Player Health Bar is dynamic, which conceals the bar when the player reaches 100% health.
  • The new default for Item Selector is the dynamic setting. When in combat and performing combat actions or using the D-Pad, the Item Selector appears.
  • The Time of Day Indicator’s dynamic setting is now the default setting. During day-night transitional periods, the Time of Day Indicator becomes visible.
  • In Extended HUD, all widgets that are set to Hidden or Dynamic become visible.
  • Player HP and Stamina gauges have been improved visually. These pieces are lighter in color and have a more neutral palette.
  • Improvements to the enemies’ stance meter to make it clearer how it relates to blunt weapons.

The Final Boss Fight has been improved

  • Fixed an issue where the opponent did not react appropriately to other players and did not adjust their behavior, which might have caused various issues during CO-OP play.
  • During CO-OP play, alternate opponent behaviors in Phase 2.
  • During CO-OP sessions, the opponent makes more area attacks.
  • In a boss fight, shortening the narrative segments between phases.
  • The tempo of boss fights has been improved.

Improvements to the Outro

  • The game’s finale sequences have been improved. To better connect gameplay and outro scenes, more end-of-game scenes have been added.

Changes to the Balance

  • Higher-rank bows are increasingly more widely available at merchants and around the world.
  • During the night, Banshees and Chargers are more easily spotted among the Infected hordes.

Technical Improvements

  • Introduced a high-performance preset that optimizes the displayed visuals, allowing older PCs and laptops to play “Dying Light 2”.
  • Improvements to the PC DX12 cache. When the game is first launched, it now runs more smoothly.
  • The game no longer uses AVX technology, which improves difficulties with the game crashing on launch.
  • Outdoor illumination has been improved.
  • Sun shadows have been improved.
  • Highlight shadows have been improved.
  • Motion Blur has been improved, with the ability to customize the intensity and distance blur.

Pack of Brutality

  • Sharp weapon blows are now more exact, allowing players to hack off body parts and cleave opponents in half more easily (vertically and horizontally).
  • Audio for enemy hit response has been reworked, with different noises playing depending on the power of the hit and the amount of damage the player does.
  • When the Player hits the opponent, blood splatters on the ground.
  • During strikes, if a player is close to the enemy, the opponent’s blood will splash on the screen.
  • After hits, the blood effects on enemy bodies have been improved.
  • A dead enemy is now interactive and reacts to attacks and injuries with precision.
  • After hitting an enemy, a new effect of bloodstains appears on their bodies.
  • New blood FXs have been added to the game.