More Zombies & Longer Nights Added in “Dying Light 2” Extreme Nights Mod

Extreme Nights, a “Dying Light 2” mod that adds more zombies and longer nights to the game, has been released by a “Dying Light 2” modder. After a host of issues during “Dying Light 2’s” production caused it to be postponed from its intended early 2020 release target, the sequel to 2015’s Dying Light was launched last week on February 4th. The cloud edition of the game for the Nintendo Switch, which was supposed to come out at the same time as the other platforms, has also been postponed until 2022.

Techland’s “Dying Light 2” development issues and long-delayed release date appear to have worked out in the end. The differences between the original and its sequel are significant, ranging from a wider map and a focus on plot options to additional parkour moves and a shift to a full-fledged action RPG. “Dying Light 2” has received largely positive reviews as a result of Techland’s efforts. The game’s combat and vast open-world appear to be the game’s most lauded features.

The latest version of UD24’s Extreme Nights mod for “Dying Light 2” has been released (via GameRant). The current version of the mod, which was originally created for the original Dying Light, only adds a few minor yet substantial changes to the game. To begin, the Extreme Nights V2 – The Return of the King mod doubles the nighttime in the game while halving the daytime. When a Howler is alerted, it doubles the density of zombie crowds at night while also significantly boosting the number of zombies that spawn. The mod is simple to install, requiring simply the placement of a single file in one of the game’s directories.

The Extreme Nights mod by UD24 makes “Dying Light 2’s” already deadly nightfall, which takes up the majority of one’s playtime when the mod is enabled, even more difficult. Apart from the fact that the game’s zombies become more active and dangerous at night, players must also keep track of their immunity timers and use the game’s assortment of gear and consumables to avoid turning and dying. At night, GRE Anomalies, which are special boss-type zombies, can be encountered. Players can, on the other hand, earn the best awards and loot at night.

Installing the fan-made “Dying Light 2” Extreme Nights mod is highly recommended for players who wish to boost the ante. It’s a simple but effective mod that adds a new element of difficulty to the game as players seek to complete “Dying Light 2’s” lengthy campaign.