How Long Is “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” Video Game?

Developer Techland stated ahead of the release of “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” that the first-person parkour game set in a zombie apocalypse would take players 500 hours to complete. This figure is the amount of time it will take players to see all “Dying Light 2” has to offer, including the outcomes of dozens of story options (requiring multiple playthroughs). So, assuming you only play “Dying Light 2” once, how long do you think it will take you?

How long does “Dying Light 2” take to complete?

To tell you the truth, it all depends on how much you want to get out of it. For this review, GameSpot guides editor Mark Delaney played through the “Dying Light 2’s” campaign in around 48 hours. He wandered from the main path to accomplish side tasks he came across, but he didn’t go out of his way to complete them all; instead, he pursued whatever piqued his interest.

Mark thinks that the key path missions in “Dying Light 2” took him 20-25 hours in total, so if you only want to play the main campaign, you should expect that level of dedication. Looking across the map, he estimates that he still has several dozen hours of material left, calculating that his total playtime would be around 80 hours if he completed everything.

In comparison, How Long To Beat cites the original “Dying Light’s” campaign as taking around 17 hours. Completing the campaign and doing a little extra will get you closer to 35 hours, and exploring the game’s open-world will get you closer to 55 hours. As a result, “Dying Light 2” is a bit longer.

Mark comments in his GameSpot review of “Dying Light 2: Stay Human,” “Dying Light 2 is a difficult game to understand. Its plot and characters give me the creeps, and it appears to be lacking in polish in many areas. Even after a dozen hours, I’ve found myself returning to the game to complete another parkour challenge, explore through another abandoned science lab, or simply check whether I can go from point A to point B without touching the earth. It’s rough around the edges, and it demands players to put a lot of time and effort into its weakest aspect, but once you recognize that the plot, like gravity, can only drag you down, you can start to defy it and enjoy the things Dying Light 2 does well.”