How and When Can You Use Fast Travel In “Dying Light 2”?

The foundation of “Dying Light 2” is parkour stunts and moves, which will see Aiden ascending skyscrapers in ways that franchise fans have never seen before. However, there are instances when you may prefer to bypass all of that in favor of a quick trip. Open-world games like this can have such large areas that going from mission to task can feel like a secondary goal at times. Fast travel in “Dying Light 2” arrives later than you might expect, so here’s when you can expect to use it and how to overcome the platforming difficulties that come with it.

How to move quickly in “Dying Light 2”

Perhaps the next windmill, side mission, or Inhibitor would be better done quickly rather than requiring you to shimmy over to it on the other side of Villedor in style. In those circumstances, you’ll want to take a quick trip to a Metro Station, which will be marked on your map with a train symbol. Old Villedor and Central Loop are the game’s two vast maps, and while you’ll see Metro Stations around Old Villedor in the early hours, you won’t be able to utilize them until much later, once you reach Central Loop.

In a regular playthrough, you’ll arrive in Central Loop around 10 hours into the game, though if you stay on the essential path, you could arrive sooner. You’ll be given a job to clear out the Metro Station near the Fish Eye—a public meeting spot for Villedorians—shortly after you arrive. This task serves as a primer for gaining access to quick travel sites.

You can’t just find a Metro Station and use it as a fast-travel point in “Dying Light 2”, you have to overcome its perilous riddle first. Fortunately, each Metro Station has a similar structure, so we’ll use an example to demonstrate how they work.

First, enter the subway and proceed to the first power box by following the on-screen marker (an orange circle). It’s possible that you’ll need to clear away any infections or renegades first. When you interact with it, you’ll notice that your UI has been updated with many new icons, all of which lead to a floor below you. Prepare to swing, jump, and wall-run to each of these power boxes, interacting with each of them, by descending the nearby elevator shaft into the basement.

Be aware that the floor in these regions is frequently covered in the same yellow toxins that will kill you swiftly above ground, so be cautious. The idea is to treat Metro Stations like a game of Floor Is Lava, never touching the ground if you can avoid it—these get a lot simpler as your parkour skills improve.

After you’ve turned on all of the power boxes, you’ll get one last prompt to signal the elevator is now operational. It’ll take you back upstairs to the original power box, where you’ll see a notice warning you that turning it on will delete all unclaimed items from that area, so use this time to unlock any other trash bins, backpacks, or lockboxes you need to. The Metro Station will be up and running, permanently available as a fast-travel point after you activate that power box.

You can get from point A to point B in a less fashionable manner, but considerably faster. Fast travel in “Dying Light 2” also doesn’t replicate journey time, so if you want to reach somewhere before the game’s scarier nighttime section, you don’t have to calculate how much daylight fast travel will consume—it won’t!