Sundance Is The First Non-Binary Character Of “Battlefield 2042” Game

“Battlefield 2042” Specialist Emma “Sundance” Rosier is officially the franchise’s first non-binary character, according to an Electronic Arts Community Manager. “Battlefield 2042” will debut with ten Specialists, who represent a significant departure from the franchise’s traditional class system. Each of the almost a dozen characters has its own special ability or attribute, which should make picking a favorite hero a little easier.

Sundance, in particular, is an Assault class Specialist with a preference for Smart Explosives as a weapon. Meanwhile, their unique ability is based on the wingsuit shown in several of Battlefield 2042‘s” promotional images. While Sundance’s wingsuit allows players to fly long distances, someone like Navin Rao, a Recon class hero, is equipped with hacking tools thanks to the Cyber Warfare Suite gadget and Trojan Network attribute.

“Battlefield 2042” Specialist Sundance is a non-binary character, according to Adam Freeman, Lead Community Manager at EA Studios Europe, who verified it in response to fan inquiries. Sundance’s character page on the EA website uses the gender-neutral they/them pronouns, according to PC Gamer. Hopefully, this same level of attention to detail will be represented in-game when it launches in a few weeks. The following is Freeman’s confirmation of Sundance’s gender identity:

Sundance is the first non-binary character in Battlefield’s nearly 20-year history, and she represents a significant step forward for the franchise. However, due to the lack of a campaign mode in Battlefield, it’s unclear how the Specialist’s backstory and personality will be explored beyond the aforementioned tweet and character bio.

Only one of EA’s major shooters, Battlefield, has LGBTQ characters on the roster. Respawn Entertainment has led the charge in many ways, with Apex Legends characters like Bloodhound and Gibraltar, the former of whom identify as non-binary and the latter as gay. Respawn verified this information shortly after the free-to-play shooter launched in February 2019 on consoles and PC. Several other LGBTQ Legends have joined the ever-growing roster in the two years since then. For example, Valkyrie is a lesbian hero. Last year, Respawn writer Tom Casiello revealed that Loba is bisexual in a Twitter post.