PC-Specific Features Are Shown In A New “Battlefield 2042” Trailer

The Battlefield franchise has always been more at home on PCs than consoles, and “Battlefield 2042” is no exception. PC gamers with the correct hardware in their gaming setups will be able to run the game with some of Nvidia’s best gaming technologies, including DLSS, Nvidia Reflex, and some light ray tracing, when the game hits in just a few weeks.

The majority of ray tracing compatible games can run at a 4K resolution at the same time thanks to DLSS, Nvidia’s AI upscaling method. The addition of the functionality should provide Battlefield 2042 gamers with a sharper picture of the battlefield and all of the opponents on it. Even with the game’s ray tracing options enabled, gamers won’t necessarily need to enable DLSS to run “Battlefield 2042” at 4K.

On the PC, “Battlefield 2042” does not have full-fledged ray tracing like Doom Eternal or Metro: Exodus. “Battlefield 2042” will only include ray-traced ambient occlusion instead of a full suite of ray-tracing effects. In layman’s terms, this means the game will have more realistic shadows, which players may not perceive in-game. According to Nvidia’s comparison in a blog post on its website, the difference between putting this setting on and off is not truly game-changing, albeit it is obvious.

PC gamers will need to download Nvidia’s newest Game Ready Driver upgrade to take advantage of these capabilities. A driver update is currently available to optimize the game during its early access phase, and another will be released before “Battlefield 2042” officially launches on November 19.