More Maps Are Revealed In A New “Battlefield 2042” Video

DICE has released a new “Battlefield 2042” gameplay clip, which features three new maps set in Antarctica, Egypt, and India. Until now, the company has only shown off Orbital and Hourglass, two maps from “Battlefield 2042”. The public played the French Guiana rocket launch-themed level during the open beta, while the Qatari desert map was utilized to debut “Battlefield 2042’s” gameplay at E3 2021 in June.

Seven enormous maps have been announced for Battlefield 2042‘s” multiplayer, with iconic maps returning in Battlefield Portal mode as well. Maps will be added as free post-launch DLC by DICE. There’s no word on how long DICE intends to support the game, but publisher EA has suggested that it might last several years like other popular shooters. With that in mind, the developer has now released a trailer for “Battlefield 2042”, which will be released in November.

Renewal, Discarded, and Breakaway are three new maps in the “Battlefield 2042” gameplay clip. The game’s initial CG reveal trailer featured all three maps, but their in-engine looks and layouts have now been unveiled. The trailer also shows off some of the modifications made to “Battlefield 2042” since the beta, such as the revamped user interface. The game’s maps appear to have a lot of variation, and each one will undoubtedly present its own set of problems and benefits.

“Battlefield 2042’s” maps are set to be the largest in the series. DICE defined Orbital as “medium-sized,” implying that the game would grow in size despite the large geography. This won’t apply as much to the last-gen versions of the game because they’ve been trimmed back, but the current-gen and PC versions will have 128-player battles.

All of these maps will be playable in “Battlefield 2042’s” Hazard Zone mode, which allows players to go at their own speed while exploring the maps. There are still two “Battlefield 2042” maps, Manifest and Kaleidoscope, that have yet to be revealed. It’s unknown whether DICE will release another teaser revealing those maps, but they may be a great surprise for the game’s release. Although there were a few glimpses of Kaleidoscope in some of the Specialist gameplay clips, Manifest remains a mystery. Players will be placed in a shipping container port in “Battlefields 2042’s” Manifest map, which will include intense close-quarters fighting and the ability to lift boxes with a crane.