Months After Its Release, “Battlefield 2042” Is Getting A Scoreboard

Battlefield 2042” will get a true scoreboard from DICE, months after the game’s release. “Battlefield 2042” had a rocky start, with game-breaking bugs, missing features, and a generally disappointing experience. Despite DICE’s promise of a series of patches to solve the myriad of faults ailing its newest FPS, the game left a bad taste in the mouths of many players. “Battlefield 2042” lost 70% of its Steam player population within two weeks after its November release date, and by mid-January, the game’s active player count had routinely fallen below that of Battlefield 1 and the equally reviled Battlefield 5.

Many people have requested refunds on Steam because of their unpleasant experiences with “Battlefield 2042“, and Steam is honoring them despite its 14-day refund limit. Normally, gamers have a fourteen-day window to request a refund, but it appears that Steam has changed its policy due to the game’s numerous issues. “Battlefield 2042“, in addition to its flaws, has a number of missing features that leave a lot to be desired. The experience has been widely panned, ranging from a limited range of firearms to the complete absence of essential Battlefield elements. The lack of a scoreboard has been a particular cause of contention, with fans urging that DICE add to the game’s already limited scoring options – one fan even designing their own UI enhancements for “Battlefield 2042“.

Battlefield 2042” will gain a genuine scoreboard in Update 3.3, which is expected to ship in mid-to-late February, according to Battlefield Direct Communication on Twitter (via Polygon). The scores of the top players on each server will be displayed on the updated scoreboard. The new scoreboard will also show the scores of teammates and players in the vicinity. Other valuable information like as kills, assists, revives, captures, and defenses will be displayed on the updated board, depending on the game scenario. The genuine scoreboard also contains ribbon advancement and other player information, according to the first glance offered by Battlefield Direct Communication’s Twitter account – which is a work in progress scoreboard for a major conquest match. Later upgrades will improve the scoreboard even more, however what future versions will be added has yet to be determined.

Some feel that DICE’s planned updates, as well as EA’s more positive outlook for the game’s future, provide hope for “Battlefield 2042”. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done, the addition of an extended Battlefield world and frequent fixes from DICE can help the game and the series as a whole. DICE published a planned patch on January 20 that included minor repairs and enhancements to the game’s general performance. DICE also disclosed plans for fixes following February’s Update 3.3, including improvements to the new scoreboard, matchmaking options, and XP in Portal. DICE has said that they will continue to improve the overall performance of “Battlefield 2042“.

Given how many fans have requested it, the updated “Battlefield 2042” scoreboard is a great addition to the game. Though “Battlefield 2042” has more serious issues, the new scoreboard demonstrates that DICE is listening to fans, after previously refusing to include a functioning scoreboard.