Map Design Improvements for “Battlefield 2042” Have Been Announced

According to a DICE blog article, “Battlefield 2042” will include a number of map design tweaks. Traversal, Intensity, Line of Sight, Paths, and Cover are five map concerns that DICE wishes to improve. DICE seeks player feedback on all of these design components to help shape the course of modifications.

DICE seeks to arrange Base Spawn and Flags to improve the gameplay experience, in response to users’ comments that the game feels like a “walking simulator” due to the huge distance between Flags.

Breakthrough 128 player modes were noted by DICE as potentially overly chaotic, especially given the number of players and vehicles. “We’re analyzing whether it makes sense to keep Breakthrough at 128 players vs 64, or whether we believe that reducing the total number of cars that can spawn ensures that their presence isn’t as overwhelming,” the developers say.

Improvements to the Line of Sight design will provide additional obstacles to hide behind, referring to how often players are targeted by attackers from a distance. “We believe, and you have told us,” DICE wrote, “that there are now too many wide and flat regions on several of our maps.” Long-term, the goal is to decrease the use of long-range combat.

Paths—In order to keep the gameplay “battle focused,” DICE wants to provide more clear paths between objectives.

DICE intends to create additional locations to duck enemy fire and limit broad open regions where necessary, which is related to the Line of Sight issue.

These are significant map design modifications, and DICE has stated that it will not be possible to execute them all at once. While DICE has already implemented the aforementioned map design elements into new maps in the works, it will begin by improving previous maps in order of importance. DICE will begin with Kaleidoscope on Conquest and Breakthrough modes, with the new Kaleidoscope map expected in time for Season One.

DICE stated several times in the blogpost that it is eager for player feedback, so if you have a lot of ideas on how to improve gameplay, now is your chance to shine.

Battlefield 2042, developed by EA, has had a tumultuous debut. Players expressed their dissatisfaction with the game’s problems and overall experience, even going so far as to start a petition asking for a refund. DICE, on the other hand, has been working hard to incorporate adjustments, with the most recent update aiming to improve gameplay balance. Season One has also been postponed due to DICE’s need to make “some important decisions” on “Battlefield 2042’s” live-service support, and will now most likely be released in early Summer 2022.