Has “Battlefield 2042” Beta Got Delayed?

Rumblings and speculations over the last few weeks claimed that the “Battlefield 2042” Beta will take place on September 6th, but no official word from EA or DICE had been issued as the day approached.

The intended release date for the “Battlefield 2042” Beta is only known by DICE and EA, but numerous major signals leading up to September 6th suggested we should be playing the Beta this week.

Unfortunately, DICE and EA’s lack of communication over the previous few weeks hasn’t helped the Battlefield community’s constant hypotheses, and EA has yet to provide a specific date for when the “Battlefield 2042” Beta will go online.

The first details about the Battlefield 2042 Beta were supposed to be revealed at Gamescom, with EA confirming that they will be there.

The fact that, up until Gamescom 2021, EA had never missed a Battlefield multiplayer announcement at the event in recent memory fanned the rumors, thus “Battlefield 2042” was nearly guaranteed to arrive.

“Battlefield 2042”, on the other hand, was ruled out of the event following both the Gamescom Opening Night Live and the Xbox Showcase.

Wild ideas and speculation began to spread across the internet, with many in the community claiming that the game’s absence from the event was due to EA’s desire for more attention on the game. Because Gamescom is such a large event, and big announcements often get buried amongst other big announcements, the community’s notion was conceivable.

A ray of optimism appeared on the internet a few days later, when I learned that the “Battlefield 2042” Beta was on its way, and it was coming soon. This prompted me to tweet that we should hear anything between August 31st and September 1st.

However, just two days after the tweet, a bombshell was placed in my inbox, revealing that “Battlefield 2042” is experiencing internal delays, so I had to put my own rumors to rest.

Following the community’s constant enthusiasm throughout the day, another email arrived in my inbox, saying that the “Battlefield 2042” Beta will take place on September 22nd, with media and content makers recording in a behind-closed-doors event on September 20th.

The information was then cross-checked and verified with as many people as I had access to at the time, leading to my wagering ten copies of “Battlefield 2042” on the Beta starting on September 22nd.

Another hint at September 22nd comes from the official Apple Store, which has the “Battlefield 2042” soundtrack scheduled for release on that date.

But does this imply the “Battlefield 2042” Beta has been postponed? Personally, I believe it is. The official Battlefield Twitter account remained completely silent throughout the last couple of weeks of August, which could have been the time assigned to a Beta tease campaign.

It’s unclear what’s going on with “Battlefield 2042”, but EA’s quiet on the game has made me worried rather than confident about the game this year. But one thing appears to be certain: the “Battlefield 2042” Beta will take place on September 22nd.