First Season For “Battlefield 2042” Season One Is Delayed Until Summer

In order to improve the “Battlefield 2042” experience, DICE and Electronic Arts have chosen to postpone Season One content until summer 2022 in order to accommodate game changes. As of this writing, little is known about “Battlefield 2042’s” Season One content, but EA did previously promise a new Specialist and further Portal capabilities without providing many details.

Recently datamined details appeared to give a few more tidbits about “Battlefield 2042’s” Season One, notably implying the arrival of a map called “Exposure.” The information came from the Battlefield client, which also noted weekly missions allotted to 12 preseason weeks, according to the dataminer, a Twitter user named temporyal. The leaker and others were led to assume Season One wouldn’t be live until at least March 2022 as a result of the client releasing such information during the holidays. However, given the numerous flaws that continue to plague Battlefield 2042, DICE may wish to concentrate on ironing out the existing hitches before launching into something new.

The official Battlefield Twitter account provided a development update on “Battlefield 2042’s” first season on February 1, which can be found on the EA website. Season One will now arrive in “early summer,” rather than the first quarter of this year, as part of DICE’s commitment to guarantee that subsequent patches are meaningful. This allows the development team to focus on enhancing the futuristic shooter while also ensuring that the seasonal content is of excellent quality. The briefing also includes a preview of features that DICE hopes to introduce in the near future, such as “Battlefield 2042’s” redesigned in-round scoreboard, player profile, and cross-platform voice communication, all of which should boost team play.

While many active “Battlefield 2042” players will be disappointed by the lengthy Season One delay, DICE’s commitment to improving the multiplayer experience should provide some hope for the future. The game isn’t up to the standard that Battlefield fans have come to expect from the franchise, therefore the development team must work to correct the problem. Delaying the introduction of new material in order to focus on improving the old should help you achieve all of this and more.

“Battlefield 2042” debuted without a story campaign, unlike previous installments in the long-running first-person shooter game. To the dismay of franchise fans, DICE implemented a few additional significant changes, the most noteworthy of which was the replacement of the conventional Class structure with Specialist positions. Given Electronic Arts’ aspirations to grow the Battlefield franchise with new creative directors at the helm, it’s unclear when the iconic experience will return.