Developer Confirmed “Battlefield 2042” Release Date

For those who want to play “Battlefield 2042” a week before its November 19 release date, developer DICE has confirmed that the game will be available for purchase a week before that date for an additional fee, with customers able to purchase the “Battlefield 2042” Gold or Ultimate editions to get in on the action early and score some extra goodies. When “Battlefield 2042” was first announced earlier this year, EA stated that special editions will include a number of digital products as well as early access to the game, but things got a little jumbled recently due to the game’s delay.

Prior to the game’s postponement to November, DICE assured special edition owners that the game would arrive on October 15, seven days earlier than the planned October 22 release date. Later, the developer just stated that the game will now be released on November 19, but no new early access release date was given. Thankfully, DICE has clarified that customers who pre-ordered one of the special versions of the game would still be able to play it ahead of the game’s new international release date.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 12 for those who purchase the Gold or Ultimate editions of the game, according to EA community manager Adam Freeman. That means playing the game a week early costs at least $100, which may be worth it for people who desire a competitive advantage over other players when the game launches on November 19. Another chance to play “Battlefield 2042” early is rumored for October, when a “Battlefield 2042” beta will be released. Since the delay, neither DICE nor EA have released any official beta information.

The “Battlefield 2042” beta was originally scheduled for September, but the developer had to reschedule the playtest due to the delay of the entire game. Before October, DICE is expected to discuss what the beta will contain and when it will begin. Since the game’s E3 2021 reveal, the developer hasn’t shown much gameplay, so this beta has a lot of people excited. Potential consumers don’t have much specific information to base their judgments on right now, except from minor leaks from a closed alpha.

DICE recently published a short video introducing the experts in “Battlefield 2042”, which included new gameplay clips, but the demand for hands-on time with the game continues to rise. When explaining the cause for “Battlefield 2042”, EA and DICE mentioned the pandemic, but have provided no more details regarding the game’s production issues, raising fears among fans that the new game may repeat Battlefield V’s launch problems.