Battlefield 2042 Report: Troubled Development And Attempts To Copy Call of Duty

According to a new Gaming Intel Report by industry insider Tom Henderson development on Battlefield 2042 was not a smooth process. Henderson blames management for these difficulties. They have encouraged the team to copy elements from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but ignored the problems they brought up. Henderson says he isn’t sure what this means, but cites Modern Warfare operators as an example of how it made its way into Battlefield 2042. The class system used in previous Battlefield games has been replaced by “Specialists”.
This attempt to attract the Call of Duty crowd apparently extended to content creators. Henderson notes that Call of Duty had multiple content creators at the beta capture event. However, Battlefield creators were not included. This focus on a different shooter franchise may be a concern for long-time fans.Henderson’s report was published after the Battlefield 2042 beta was released. Some people enjoyed the beta but others felt it was too far behind the game’s intended pace. The beta had a lot of bugs. Henderson stated that DICE has “major stability problems with builds of the game.”

There are still more than a month before Battlefield 2042 is released. However, there is still hope that some technical issues will be solved by then. The report by Henderson ends on a sad note. However, it reveals that some employees are worried about losing their jobs due to the current state of the game. The holiday season will be competitive for first-person shooter gamers, with Call of Duty and Halo Infinite both coming out within the next few weeks of Battlefield 2042. Battlefield should be a fun experience.