As EA Remains Silent On Fixes, the “Battlefield 2042” Player Count Has Dropped Below 2K

The number of individuals playing “Battlefield 2042” has dropped to a new low of fewer than 2,000 gamers as the creators remain silent on how to remedy the game’s flaws. Players have criticized the game’s lack of gameplay possibilities since its November release, comparing it to prior Battlefield games. The lack of features isn’t the only concern. The game’s 128-player bouts are difficult to appreciate due to design choices and balancing concerns.

One of the most prominent criticisms of Battlefield 2042 is the design choices made for several of the game’s massive areas. If you don’t have one of the game’s vehicles, you’ll have to travel a long way through vacant portions of the map to reach an explosive shootout or one of the level’s objectives. This problem became more noticeable once DICE, the game’s developer, released a 64-player “Battlefield 2042” game mode with a smaller battlefield that seemed more balanced and entertaining. Unfortunately, the game’s player counts are suffering due to poor gameplay, balance issues, and a lack of a development plan for future content and fixes.

According to SteamCharts, “Battlefield 2042” had its lowest player count on Steam during the morning of February 14th, with less than two thousand players. The game’s subreddit has a low player count, according to gamer and Reddit member Generalboiofbois. A player count that is nearly half of what was witnessed in Battlefield 5, the franchise’s latest iteration. Electronic Arts and DICE have remained surprisingly silent on the game’s social media platforms, which developers generally use after a game’s debut to address fan complaints and layout a plan for improvements and exciting new features. The announcement that “Battlefield 2042’s” first season will be postponed so that the developers may focus on fine-tuning the game’s map designs and balancing difficulties is a step in the right direction. Still, something more needs to be done if DICE wants gamers to return to the game.

Many long-time Battlefield fans recall that each new game in the franchise frequently launches with a slew of issues that the developers eventually work out. However, problems appear to be more serious in BF 2042 than in prior installments of the game. The 20-year-old franchise’s most recent game has managed to become one of Steam’s worst-reviewed games of all time. Fans have also formed a petition to seek a refund for Battlefield 2042. A level of criticism never seen before in the Battlefield franchise.

There was a lot of excitement for the series’ return to a more modern setting than Battlefield 4, which was seen in Battlefield 4. While BF 2042 isn’t the first game in the genre to have a rocky start, Battlefield 4 had a slew of bugs and glitches right out of the gate. That game finally received enough patches to make it one of the greatest in the series. Many people are hoping that “Battlefield 2042” will be able to achieve the same. Nonetheless, EA and DICE have dug the Battlefield series into a deep hole. Many fans are beginning to question if the show will ever be able to recover.