According To Rumors, Battlefield 2042 May Be Made Free To Play

Battlefield 2042“, as well as future Battlefield titles, may become free to play as a result of the latest title’s dismal success, according to rumors. The first-person shooter was much anticipated prior to its November 2021 debut, but it was widely panned after its release due to numerous issues, a lack of content, and contentious gameplay modifications. Due to the game’s persistent glitchy and unstable status, Steam provided “Battlefield 2042” refunds months after its release.

Battlefield 2042” developer DICE announced a number of interesting and unique new features coming to the franchise’s newest edition before the game’s release. Massive environmental damage, including natural disasters like tornados, would disrupt the flow of warfare in the game’s near-future scenario. The playable Specialists in “Battlefield 2042” were designed to offer variation to the game, with particular powers such as a wing suit glider and a grappling hook. Unfortunately, these additional features were unable to compensate for the game’s poor performance, and the first-person shooter’s playerbase swiftly declined following its release. “Battlefield 2042” has recently had less players than Battlefield 5 or Battlefield 1, indicating the game’s rapid drop in popularity.

Battlefield 2042” may convert to a free-to-play system due to the game’s low performance, according to prominent leaker Tom Henderson. Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, is reportedly dissatisfied with the game’s performance and is looking into several ways to improve the game’s situation. While the report is unsubstantiated, EA may seek a free-to-play model to boost the game’s decreasing user base. In order to prevent the rough launch of “Battlefield 2042“, this might lead to future Battlefield titles becoming free to play.

Battlefield 2042” got off to a rocky start in November, and DICE has only served to enrage the game’s fans since then. DICE canceled “Battlefield 2042’s” Rush Mode, a fan-favorite feature of the game’s Portal playlist, earlier this month. A squad of Attackers with a limited number of respawns attempts to destroy a target guarded by Defenders with infinite respawns in Rush. The Portal menu in “Battlefield 2042” has a number of different game modes that are supposed to cycle on a regular basis, but the removal of Rush sparked outrage among gamers. The “Battlefield 2042” subreddit was nearly shut down due to online bullying by DICE devs, but Rush was finally brought back to the game.

With “Battlefield 2042’s” poor start, it’s only inevitable that EA and DICE will try to resurrect the game with a major update. Going free to play would be a significant change for the game, but the more accessible model might help the game’s playerbase regenerate more quickly. This modification might be incorporated throughout future Battlefield games, perhaps leading to a free-to-play model in the franchise’s next entry.