According to Reports, The Next “Battlefield” Will Revert To Pre-2042 Features

According to a new report, the next “Battlefield” game will drop several of the features included in Battlefield 2042. It’s no secret that “Battlefield 2042” had a rocky start when it was released late last year. The online-only military shooter was released with a slew of bugs, including game-breaking bugs, server-side failures, and poor performance. Even the most seasoned Battlefield players found the futuristic shooter tough to enjoy, despite DICE’s efforts to fix a number of issues.

The introduction of Specialist positions, which eventually superseded the franchise’s conventional class-based system, was particularly upsetting to long-time fans. Battlefield fans were also dissatisfied with the lack of a story campaign. Furthermore, the 128-player contests, which had formerly appeared like a pipe dream to some, also fell short of expectations. Although developers continue to work on post-launch upgrades, Battlefield 2042‘s” player count is continually falling, implying that most gamers have long gone on to something else. To put it another way, when it comes to deciding what’s next for the long-running FPS series, EA and DICE are likely to go back to the drawing board.

According to XFire’s sources, the next “Battlefield” game is now in pre-production. According to reports, a deliberate effort is underway to use the “important lessons” learned from Battlefield 2042’s terrible launch to create a vastly improved experience the next time around. “I imagine we’ll be undoing a lot of the modifications we made in Battlefield 2042,” one source told the outlet. This comment, according to reputable Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, could be referring to some of the game’s most reviled aspects, such as the Specialists roles and 128-player matches.

Electronic Arts and DICE originally intended for the most recent Battlefield installment to serve as a foundation for future installments, according to Henderson. If the mentioned XFire claim is correct, such plans may have already been scrapped in the aftermath of “Battlefield 2042’s” collapse. However, it’s safe to imagine that a large portion of the community would welcome the shooter’s return to its tried-and-true content model.

“Battlefield 1942” was the first game in the first-person shooter series, and it was released on PC in 2002. In the years afterward, the franchise has grown to include multiple sequels and spinoffs, many of which have proven to be landmark releases with a long-lasting impact on the industry. Despite the fact that “Battlefield 2042” was the lowest-rated game in the franchise’s history, some fans still hope that “Battlefield”, in general, may one day return to its previous grandeur.