The New Combat Clip For “Atomic Heart” Has No Right To Slap This Hard

A new combat-focused trailer for “Atomic Heart” has been released, and every time it does so, the game only seems like more crazy fun.

“Atomic Heart” is the first game created by Moscow-based developer Mundfish, for those who are unaware. It’s an action-RPG set in a different 1950s, one where the Soviet Union created incredibly superior robots that eventually turned on people and started causing destruction. The problem is that they aren’t your typical robots; rather, Atomic Heart has some of the most horrifyingly distinct monsters I’ve ever encountered in a video game.

The new battle clip opens with a couple of robots embracing one another in a strange sort of dance until one of them sprouts a single pointy appendage from its forehead and slowly buries it into the other robot’s guts without encountering much opposition. I’ve seen a lot of situations that are quite upsetting from watching the trailer for today and others before it.

Fortunately, “Atomic Heart” appears to be more than simply a collection of bizarre-looking gadgets; its dystopian picture of Soviet Russia appears to be a genuinely exciting, breathtaking location to explore, and the battle appears to be wildly entertaining. You’ll have access to a ton of powers that let you telekinetically fling foes around and shoot freezing blasts of ice, as well as a ton of weaponry and melee weapons that you may employ in conjunction with your powers.

When “Atomic Heart” debuts, perhaps somewhere near the end of 2022 as planned, I can’t wait to dive in because there seems to be much more going on here than simply the traditional Robots Gone Bad theme. Although the lack of a firm release date as we approach 2023 worries me a little, I’d be willing to hold off a little longer to experience a better finished game.