Gabriel Luna drew inspiration from Pedro Pascal to create his ‘Fubar’ villain

Gabriel Luna drew inspiration from Pedro Pascal to create his ‘Fubar’ villain

At the FUBAR premiere, Luna revealed he pulled inspiration from the internet’s daddy to play a the baddie.

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes, and people. For Gabriel Luna, it occasionally comes in the form of Pedro Pascal. 

In FUBAR, a new action comedy on Netflix, Luna plays Boro, an evil mastermind at odds with a father-daughter duo who just happen to be father and daughter. As the antagonist, Luna wanted to develop a villain who was more than just pure evil and turned to action movies for inspiration.

Luna turned to inspiration in the form of a very recent costar to help shape his character. “Pedro, who I worked with on The Last of Us, he did a picture called Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent where he played kind of an arms [dealer], but he’s so lovable and he’s so personable. So I told him that I drew a little bit off that character for this one that I was doing,” he tells EW at the FUBAR premiere (see the video below).

Luna, who played Pascal’s onscreen brother in The Last of Us, recalls his costar taking that compliment in stride: “He was like ‘Oh, that’s great. Happy I could help.'”

While Pascal got to live out his dream of working with Nicholas Cage in Unbearable Weight, Luna is reuniting with an action icon from his past for FUBAR. The series stars The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, making his streaming TV debut.

Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna attend the Los Angeles FYC Event for HBO Original Series’ “The Last Of Us” at the Directors Guild Of America on April 28, 2023

Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna

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The action-comedy follows a father (Schwarzenegger) and daughter (Monica Barbado) who learn that they’ve each been secretly working as CIA operatives: in other words, their entire relationship is a lie and they don’t know each other as well as they thought. Together they embark on a dangerous mission and that’s where Luna comes in — as a powerful arms dealer being tracked by the CIA. Just like in Terminator: Dark Fate, Luna is once again playing the antagonist to Schwarzenegger’s very capable hero.

Along with finding the balance between Boro’s villainy and his suave, personable side, Luna put plenty of thought into developing his character’s accent. “He’s from South America, he’s from Guiana, but he was educated at Oxford, so he spent a lot of time in England, a lot of time in America,” Luna adds. “He’s a well traveled person. So in my mind, there’s definitely a hint of a Spanish accent, but there should also be kind of an English lilt to the way he speaks.”

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