Superman Fortnite Skin – Is it Ever Coming Back?

Superman Fortnite Skin – Is it Ever Coming Back?

Fortnite has tons of cool skins and a crazy amount of superhero looks in the game! Among superheroes though, one is definitely worth highlighting. Superman is one of the oldest superhero characters and possibly the most iconic. Superman Fortnite has been part of the game for quite a while. However, has not a face you see pop up in the Fortnite item shop all that often. It isn’t like you can pick him up as often as other big characters like Goku in Fortnite who comes back loads. So why is Superman so rarely around in Fortnite?

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Superman Fortnite Skin

The Superman Fortnite skin was added back in Chapter 2 of the game. It’s a more generic look, designed to look like the average Superman across decades of comic appearances. That’s instead of taking direct inspiration from one of the many adaptations of Superman. The Fortnite Superman skin is a more general design for the character.

He still has the iconic shape and look in Fortnite though. Thanks to Epic utilizing more varied character models, he can even show up without being shrunk down! Although, that definitely makes him a bigger target if you’re exclusively getting skins for their competitive factors. If that’s a concern, then the Fortnite anime skins or female Fortnite skins might be a better pick! Despite his big hitbox, Superman is a fun skin to show off in-game.

Unlike some other Superheroes, there’s only been one version of Superman so far in the game. He’s appeared as a character in a single season, with other versions of him never popping up. How to unlock Superman in Fortnite was simple at the time, but it would basically be impossible today.

How to Unlock Superman in Fortnite

The Fortnite Superman skin was originally added as part of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 7 Battle Pass. This was the season focused on aliens! We got little green men, Rick from Ricky and Morty, and the Kryptonian! As is often the case for some of the cooler crossover skins, Superman was the bonus skin for this season of the game.

As a bonus skin, he had a separate page on the Battle Pass. How to unlock Superman in Fortnite was different to the other skins in the Battle Pass. There were two pages of quests you had to complete to earn the skin. Players also had to purchase the Battle Pass to actually get the prizes for these quests.

The Superman Fortnite skin wasn’t too hard to unlock through quests. As a Battle Pass skin though, he can’t come back! The standard generic version of Superman can’t return to the game since he was exclusive to a paid pass. Unlike the recent Fortnite X Star Wars event pass, characters from actual Battle Passes can’t make a return. There isn’t a method for how to unlock Superman in Fortnite in Chapter 4. At least the version is already in the game.

Can Superman Come Back?

The Fortnite Superman skin came from the Battle Pass, but what about other related characters? The Clark Kent skin is often seen in Fortnite too. That one was also part of the Battle Pass and can’t come back either. That doesn’t mean it’s the end if you really want to get Superman in Fortnite though!

The character could still come back to the game, this would most likely be through a new version of the character coming to the store. We could get a different version of Superman in the store in the future, so you could still get the skin.

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