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Fetty Wap.
Photo: Manny Hernandez/Getty Images

A Long Island federal judge sentenced Fetty Wap to six years in federal prison on May 24 for trafficking narcotics across the country. Fetty Wap has been incarcerated since last August, when his pretrial release was revoked following an alleged FaceTime call where he “possessed a gun” and “threatened to kill” someone, according to prosecutors. The “Trap Queen” rapper pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine following his bail getting revoked. Judge Joanna Seybert sentenced him with one year over the minimum jail time for the conspiracy drug charge. Fetty Wap’s lawyers argued that the rapper turned to selling drugs due to the financial struggles he experienced as a result of the pandemic. “I only ever wanted to help my family,” the rapper told the judge, per the New York Times. “I never asked myself if it was all-the-way right.” He was first taken into custody in October 2021 over his participation in a scheme to possess and distribute more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of narcotics into the New York City area that involved five other co-defendants. Prosecutors said they planned to use the U.S. Postal Service and vehicles with hidden compartments to transport the drugs, arguing for a longer sentence. “This is a sad day,” Fetty Wap’s defense attorney Elizabeth Macedonio said, according to the AP, adding that he accepted responsibility for his actions. “This is a kid from Paterson, New Jersey, who made it out.”

Fetty Wap Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison Over Drugs