Eldorado Olifant by Imraan Christian

Eldorado Olifant by Imraan Christian

Cousin Vino

About the project

Celebrating an indigenous family in Eldorado Park, one of the most notorious areas in Johannesburg, through a fashion editorial powered by up cycled denim.

This story explores the thread that ties many generations together; timeless style. The 501 is essentially timeless, and loved by the Matriarch of the Olifant family; Aunty Janet. The story explores this idea of intergenerational connection through the cyclical nature of fashion. The family in frame, lovingly known by the Eldorado community as the Olifant family, are a tight knit group of style benders and community cornerstones.

Through the use of upcycled classic Levi’s pieces such as the 501, the story explores the cycle of timeless fashion, with a particular aim at becoming more sustainable. there is no such thing as waste if your items of clothing are timeless.

The portraits show the interconnectedness of the family through the vehicle of fashion, and the 501 is cornerstone of the conversation.

Photographed by Imraan Christian, and styled by Amy Zamaa in collaboration with artist African Ginger in  Johannesburg South Africa.

Cast: Aunty Janet, and her family: Alvino, Sajid, Gloria, Ryan, Reese, Keanu, Rhoneese, Lakeisha – The Olifants.

Ouma Olifant and Child

The Olifants

Oumas House

Olifant Tot Laat

Boeta and Tietie

Olifant Maak Vol


Imraan Christian

Imraan identifies as a son of the soil, a visual artist and an activist with the connecting thread being mysticism in its many forms. He is a Brand Ambassador for South Africa, and an ambassador for the United Nation’s SDG goal of quality education. His documentation of the Student uprising of 2015/2016 in South Africa catapulted his work into the international spotlight. With grass roots activism and a particular focus on decolonization and innovation as his chosen voice, he then blazed a trail through the art, and advertising world with many notable collaborations and exhibition. “Decolonization is only half of the process, from it we understand that the deep indigenous knowledge has been erased from the history books, and it is now the role of the story teller to recreate and reimagine these truths. My goal is now merging all these mediums to create new knowledge systems across the global south with the hope of empowering the youth to build our future worlds.” – Imraan

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