Boy Crushed to Death at Primary School, Parents Confront Teacher

Boy Crushed to Death at Primary School, Parents Confront Teacher

A primary school student has died after being crushed to death by a car driven by a teacher. The incident occurred in Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei Province in Central China.

In a viral video, the grieving parents angrily confront the teacher after he gives his account of what happened. 

The incident occurred at Hongqiao Primary School in Hanyang District, Wuhan. The boy – surnamed Tan – was a Grade 1 student at the school. 

Just before 1.50pm on May 23, a teacher drives his vehicle from the school’s underground parking lot and then stops around 10 meters from the school gates to pick up two colleagues; he plans on driving them to a training session outside of the school. 

Shortly after the car comes out of the parking lot, Tan goes in front of the vehicle to – according to his parents – pick up a paper plane. It is at this moment that the teacher drives the car forward, knocking over Tan and crushing him. 

Despite being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, Tan passed away.

The teacher responsible for driving the vehicle went to the hospital to explain to the grieving parents what happened. 

In the video, the teacher is heard in conversation with the child’s mother claiming that after seeing the child in front of the car, he tried to wave him away with his hand.

He says he then waited several minutes before moving the car again, at which point he ran over the child by accident. 

The father of the child can then be seen pushing the teacher away, shouting that he does not accept his version of events. Security staff then intervene in the physical confrontation. 

Watch the video below:

According to the parents, CCTV footage from the school shows that the car’s front wheels running over Tan, after which the vehicle brakes, reports Jiemian News.

After stopping for 2-3 seconds, the vehicle moves forward again causing the back wheels to run over Tan. 

According to an employee at the school, the teacher in question had driven his car away from the designated route for vehicles to drive in and out of the school premises.

The Hanyang District Education Bureau stated that this was a breach of rules – rules designed to keep students safe from on-campus traffic. 

The teacher who drove the car has now been arrested. The school’s principal and deputy principal have been dismissed from their roles. 

An investigation into the case is ongoing. 

[Cover image showing grieving mother of the victim being comforted via Weibo/@荆楚公子]

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