Is Tekken 7 Crossplay?

Is Tekken 7 Crossplay?

Tekken 7 is a huge game. It’s got one of the best rosters of Tekken characters seen in the series, great gameplay, and loads of modes to jump into. Is Tekken 7 crossplay a part of the though? Tekken cross platform play and matches with opponents on different platforms are a bit complicated.

Tekken 7 was one of the best fighting games available on different platforms back when it got released. You can play across different consoles, but can you progress and fight friends over multiple systems? Is Tekken 7 Crossplay?

Is Tekken 7 Crossplay

Source: Bandai Namco

What is Crossplay?

Crossplay is a useful feature in modern fighting games where you can play with friends on other platforms. When a game is crossplay, you’re able to play games with friends on other platforms despite the difference. In some games, there’s even cross progression. With this, you can continue with the same data, account, and progression in different versions of the game. You could start something on PlayStation, and finish it on PC.

This can go further than just console to console. For some games, like Brawlhalla crossplay, you can carry progress across console, PC, and even mobile.

That’s how crossplay works, with fighting games most titles do tend to have it now. The best PlayStation fighting games often let you continue on PC or Xbox. Tekken 7 isn’t the newest title though, so is Tekken 7 crossplay?

Is Tekken 7 Crossplay?

Tekken 7 sadly does not offer crossplay in any way.

If you’re wondering is Tekken 7 crossplay, it isn’t. You can’t play with friends on other platforms. Instead, you’re entirely confined to a single platform. You can only play with friends on the same platform and can’t carry progress in the game over. While this is a bit disappointing, the game did tease crossplay for a while.

Is Tekken 7 Crossplay

Source: Bandai Namco

During its post-launch support, players were often asking for crossplay. It was something developers acknowledges. However, they were unable to deliver on it. Tekken 7 crossplay never actually came to the game.

Is Tekken 7 Cross Platform?

The answer to is Tekken 7 crossplay might be no, but can you carry over progression and is Tekken 7 cross platform?

The title still doesn’t have cross platform progression either! Essentially, Tekken 7 on any platform is a separate title. Nothing at all can be carried over. Players can’t move over to different platforms. None of your progress will carry over, and your DLC won’t either. Even if you have all of the Tekken 7 character unlocks, you won’t be able to access any other sections of the game on a different platform.

It’s disappointing that crossplay and cross platform is so difficult. However, there might be more coming to the series in the future. Tekken 8 looks a lot more promising on this front.

Will Tekken 8 Have Crossplay?

it’s disappointing that we don’t have Tekken 7 crossplay or cross-progression. However, there’s a new Tekken title on the horizon. It’s going to be a follow-up to Tekken 7, and it’s scheduled to improve on that area where Tekken 7 didn’t quite measure up.

It’s been confirmed that Tekken 8 crossplay is planned to be part of the game. While you can’t compete across platforms in Tekken 7, it is going to be a part of the next game in the series.

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