Heavy Rain Alert! Shenzhen Breaks Historic Rainfall Record

Heavy Rain Alert! Shenzhen Breaks Historic Rainfall Record

In an unprecedented weather event, the Bao’an District of Shenzhen experienced a deluge of rainfall, shattering the city’s historical record for precipitation within a span of just one hour. 

The extreme weather phenomenon occurred on the morning of May 23, with intense downpours accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

According to Shenzhen Weather on Weibo, the maximum one-hour rainfall in Bao’an District reached an astonishing 142.2 millimeters, surpassing all previous records in the city’s history.

Additionally, within a 30-minute period, an impressive 108.2 millimeters of rain poured down, further emphasizing the magnitude of this extraordinary event.

In response to the relentless rain, Shenzhen authorities promptly raised the highest-level red rainstorm warning, urging residents to exercise caution and remain vigilant.


Yellow rainstorm warning update as of the morning of May 24.

The impact of this historic rainfall was not limited to the Bao’an District alone. As of this morning, May 24, multiple areas across Shenzhen continue to be under a yellow rainstorm warning, as the city remains on high alert for further heavy rainfall. 

Shenzhen’s remarkable rainfall event coincides with the onset of the ‘Dragon Boat Water’ season in Guangdong Province, where the region experiences frequent rainfall and intense convective weather. 

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[All images via Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality]

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